The vault in Starfield

How to Get the Algamest Jackpot Combination in Starfield

A big vault must mean big money, right?

If you’ve been exploring the Olympus system, there’s a good chance you’ve found the decadent but abandoned casino ship, The Almagest. But just because it’s abandoned doesn’t mean there aren’t plenty of prizes to be found. Including the jackpot! Here’s how to find The Almagest jackpot combination in Starfield.

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Where is The Almagest Jackpot Vault?

Photo of Olympus star system and The Almagest casino in Starfield.
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The Almagest casino is going to be orbiting a planet called Nesoi located in the Olympus system. Olympus itself is fairly easy to find, as it’s to the right of Alpha Centauri. You’ll need to go past both Indum and Guniibuu to reach it.

Olympus can be traveled to after you start the main quest One Small Step. During the quest, go to New Atlantis and join the Constellation at the Lodge, which will then unlock the ability to travel to Olympus.

How to Get Into The Almagest Jackpot Vault in Starfield

Starfield continuously surprises us with all the locations you can find. The Almagest is an abandoned, gilded, empty casino, save for the Spacers, who float around in zero gravity. But if you can get through their hail of bullets, you can find the vault holding the jackpot.

And once you do, you’ll need to get inside.

If you want to skip the hard part and know the answer to the code, here: 12, 19, 36, 5.

But to find it yourself, here’s what you must do. From the entrance, head to the far back of the building. It doesn’t matter if you pick the right or left corridor; they lead to the same place. You’ll then see a large drop full of Spacers.

Screenshot of player holding gun in Starfield. There is an arrow pointing towards a corridor.
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Drop down, and you’ll see a bar. Turn left at the bar, towards the jackpot vault.

Starfield screenshot. There are arrows pointing towards the Jackpot vault.
Screenshots by Prima Games

Once you’re at the vault, rise up.

Starfield screenshot. There are arrows pointing towards a ledge
Screenshots by Prima Games

You’ll find yourself on the second floor with an enclosed office space. Enter, and you’ll find the computer terminal which has the jackpot combination code.

Starfield screenshot. There are arrows pointing towards an enclosed space.
Screenshots by Prima Games

How to Find the Jackpot Vault in The Almagest in Starfield

If you find the jackpot combination terminal, exit the way you entered. The jackpot vault will be right in front of you in the drop.

Now, here’s how to open the jackpot vault in The Almagest.

An open vent is beside the vault, just to its bottom right.

Photo of the Jackpot vault in Starfield
Screenshots by Prima Games

Navigate it by going up, then left. You’ll find a terminal and some contraband goods. Opposite the contraband is the Jackpot Backend terminal. Enter the numbers 12, 19, 36, and 5 to get the vault to open.

Your prize? 3,700 Credits.

Yeah, that’s pretty stingy. But the contraband goods you can pick up are worth significantly more. If you’re unsure how to sell contraband without getting caught by the scanners around the planets, don’t worry. There are a few ways to sell it.   

Inside the contraband cache will be Xenowarfare Tech and Black Market Antiquities, which can be sold for a fair amount of profit. You’ll also find Mech Components next to the contraband cache worth a staggering 12,290 credits. Selling all three of these things netted us well over 35,000 credits.

Make sure you go to Wolf system with the contraband instead of a system like Sol, as you will get scanned and have your contraband removed. Kryx and Wolf are going to be your best bet for selling contraband without getting caught.

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