All Companion Locations, Skills, and Costs in Starfield

Who should you add to your crew?

Dani Garcia in Starfield

One of the most integral parts of any ship is the crew. Not only do they offer some nice benefits, both in combat and in flight, but they’re also a great way to haul more gear. Here’s all recruitable crew members and how to get them in Starfield.

How Many Companions Are There in Starfield?

There are over 20 companions you can recruit in Starfield. So far we’ve found 24, but there very well could be more. They can be found all over Starfield’s universe, although most of them seem to hangout in bars, with many of them in Akila City and Jemison.

Theoretically, it should be possible to recruit all 24 of these Starfield companions in a single playthrough. But the story is a winding branching path, so making the right decisions could be a tall feat, and you’re bound to lose at least one. Luckily, we’re here to point you in the right direction so that you can recruit ’em all.

Starfield: All Recruitable Companions and How to Get Them

There are quite a few potential crewmembers in the galaxy, and it’s easy to walk right by them. That’s where this guide comes in. But if you prefer to find these companions yourself, I highly recommend checking out every bar on every planet you come across.

Sophia Grace in Starfield
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If you’re not sure who to chase, Constellation members are almost always the best of the best. But Ezekiel from Akila City and Dani Garcia from Neon are two great options if you want more developed companions on your ship.

Sophia Grace★ ★ ★ Stealth
★ Lasers
Madam Savage’s Place, Neon.Member of Disciples, gang on Neon.12,000 Credits. Persuade: 6,000 Credits.
Sarah Morgan★★★★Astrodynamics ★★★ Lasers
★★ Leadership
★ Botany
The LodgeMember of the Constellation. First companion unlocked.Free
Gideon Aker★★ Ballistic Weapon Systems
★★ Missile Weapon Systems
The Viewport, JemisonNone16,500 Credits. Persuade: 8,250.
Simeon Bankowski★★ Sniper Certification
★ Sharpshooting
★ Marksmanship
The Viewport, JemisonNone13,500 Credits. Can’t persuade.
Marika Boros★★ Ballistics
★ Shotgun Certification
★ Particle Beam Weapon Systems
The Viewport, JemisonNone18,000 Credits.
Persuade: 9,000 Credits.
Dani Garcia★ Chemistry
★★ Robotics
★ Enemy Weapon Systems
Euphorika, NeonHas a side quest related to Colony War history.12,000 Credits. Persuade: 6,000 Credits.
The Adoring Fan★★ Weightlifting
★ Scavenging
★ Concealment
Your locationOnce you’ve completed the first few missions, he’ll approach you. Must have picked “Hero Worshipped” in Traits.Free
Mickey Caviar★★ Wellness
★ Gastronomy
★ Incapacitation
Astral Lounge, Neon None12,000 Credits. Persuade: 6,000 Credits.
 Rosie Tannehil  Medicine
★★★ Wellness
Hitching Post, Akila City None 12,000 Credits. Persuade: 6,000 Credits.
 Omari Hassan★★★ Shield Systems
★ Starship Engineering
 Hitching Post, Akila City None 12,000 Credits. Persuade: 6,000 Credits.
Lyle Brewer★★ Shotgun Certification
★ Xenosociology
★ Particle Beams
Aggie’s, Akila CityNone13,500 Credits.
Persuade: 6,750 Credits
Ezekiel★★ Energy Weapon Dissipation
★ Scavenging
★ Shield Systems
Aggie’s, Akila CityChoose answers that make it seem like you enjoy travel.None
 Sam Coe★★★★ Piloting
★★★ Rifle Certification
★★ Payloads
★ Geology
The LodgeMember of the Constellation. Complete second main mission quest. None
Vasco ★ Aneutronic Fusion
★★ Shield Systems
★ EM Weapon Systems
 The Lodge Join the Constellation. None
Andreja ★★★★ Stealth
★★★ Particle Beams
★★ Energy Weapon Systems
★ Theft
 The Lodge  Member of the Constellation. Complete third main mission quest. None
 Supervisor Lin★★★ Outpost Management
 Vectera Complete main mission quest “Back to Vectera” then speak to Lin again. None
Andromeda Kepler★★ Outpost Engineering
★ Piloting
★ Aneutronic Fusion 
 Cydonia, Mars None 15,000 Credits. Persuade: 7,500.
 Moara Otero ★★ Em Weapon Systems
★★ Marksmanship
 Cydonia, Mars None 6,000 Credits. Persuade: 3,000 Credits.
 Heller ★★★ Outpost Engineering
★ Geology
Crashed Ship, Altair IV-a Complete main mission quest “Back to Vectera” then speak to Heller again. None
 Barrett ★★★★ Starship Engineering
★★★ Particle Beam Weapon Systems
★★ Robotics
★ Gastronomy
 The LodgeComplete main mission quest “Back to Vectera” then speak to Barret. None
 Rafael Aguerro★★ Starship Engineering
★ Outpost Engineering
★ Outpost Management
The Viewport, JemisonComplete Constellation quest “Entangled”, then select Rafael. Speak to him after in The Viewport.None
Mathis Castillo Weight Lifting
★★ Incapacitation
Crimson Fleet Command Deck, The KeyAvailable after completing Legacy’s End. You need to continuously side with Mathis and the Crimson Fleet throughout the mission. Afterwards, speak with him on the Key. None
Jessamine Griffin★ ★ ★ Ballistic Weapon Systems
★ Concealment
★ Theft
Last Nova, The KeyNone18,000 Credits.
9,000 Credits.
Amelia Earheart★★ Piloting
★★ Rifle Certification
Charybdis III, CrucibleComplete side quest Operation Starseed. After finishing the mission, speak to her at the Crucible.None
Betty Howser★★★ Demolitions
★ Missile Weapon Systems
In orbit around Heinlein I, on the Lucky Lu.You’ll need to board the Lucky Lu and give Betty a Repair KitNone
We will update the list as we encounter more companions in Starfield.

Starfield: Recruitable Crew Members and Where to Find Them

In addition to companions, Starfield is populated by a revolving door of randomized crew members you can hire to join you on your adventures. Unlike companions, crew members don’t have personalities, don’t have names and don’t have as much to offer, typically specializing in only one skill.

You’ll find many Crew Members in major hub locations, usually hanging around and in bars like the Astral Lounge in Neon. Crew members have a one-time fee for hire, and depending on the skills they offer, they can sometimes cost a pretty penny. Fortunately, you can try persuading them to lower their prices. If you’re looking for a crew member with a specific skill, stay on the lookout around those large metropolitan areas. Crew for hire are random, but you’ll surely come across the right one eventually.

How Companion Skills Work in Starfield

Your crew and companions have anywhere between one and four skills they specialize in. These skills work as passive buffs to help bolster your experience as you travel the vast reaches of space, but not all of them benefit you directly. A companion who is good with a shotgun, for example, won’t make you better with a shotgun. But they can still be a boon in battle with their own exceptional weapon skills.

You’ll want to make best use of companion skills by slotting your crew where they excel. You can keep one companion by your side, and the others can be assigned to your ship or to an outpost. Bring a companion who is great in battle or who can help you collect resources into the field with you. Assign companions with a high rating in ship-related skills to your ship, and send companions who do well with outpost management to an outpost.

Keep in mind your crew size is limited by the ship you’re using. You can still keep recruited companions who aren’t in use on your ship, but only the companions who have been assigned to the ship will have their skills take effect. To assign a companion, simply interact with them and tell them where you’d like to see them. You can also use the Crew menu to make assignments.

How to See Your Companion’s Skills in Starfield

Once you’ve successfully recruited a companion, you can check out their skills by interacting with them. That companion’s skills and ratings will be displayed on the right side of the screen. You can also take a look at a companion’s skills in the Crew menu alongside their location and assignment, even if they’re not assigned to anything yet. Access the Crew menu through the Ship page on the bottom left of your main menu.

Which Companions Can You Romance in Starfield?

As you run around the galaxies with your companions by your side, you may find yourself falling in love with their magnetic personalities and wanting something more than just plutonic space pals. That’s okay, it happens. But which ones will reject you and which ones will embrace you?

The companions you can romance in Starfield are limited to the four Constellation members: Sarah, Andreja, Barrett, and Sam. It’s a small pool, but they’re the companions that play a large part in the story, have the most personality, the most opportunities for conversation, and their own side quests. So you’re naturally more likely to gravitate toward them anyways. You can sometimes flirt with other characters, but it will never blossom into the romance you may be hoping for.

To romance one of the four Constellation members, keep them by your side as an active companion. Much like real-life romance, you’ll also want to increase your chosen companion’s affinity by saying things they like and avoiding things they dislike. Feel free to flirt around as much as you want, but you can only commit to one companion.

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