How to Get Tactical Negotiator Blueprint in Modern Warfare 3

A lot of work for a fire shotgun.

MW3 Haymaker Tactical Negotiator
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The Tactical Negotiator Blueprint is a unique weapon that can be obtained through the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Zombies mode, similar to extracting weapons from the series’ DMZ mode. There is a process for getting it, and this guide will break it down.

How to Find Tactical Negotiator Blueprint in Modern Warfare 3

The Tactical Negotiator Blueprint can only be obtained in the Zombies mode currently. It is not available in the campaign or other multiplayer modes.

The blueprint weapon can be earned by defeating the Legacy boss at Legacy’s Fortress, northwest of the center of the map in the D2 square, in the Zombies mode. However, players can not simply travel to the location to beat the boss. Here is the process:

  • Get a Stronghold Keycard by completing a Mercenary Camp or purchasing it from the Buy Station for 2,000 Essence.
  • Use the card to enter any Mercenary Stronghold, clear it out, and crack the safe.
  • Grab the Fortress Keycard – Legacy item.

Players should also upgrade at least one weapon to level two with the Pack-a-Punch, and have a two or three-plate armor set before attempting the fortress. Having a team with at least two other players will also help.

How to Get Tactical Negotiator Blueprint in MW3 Zombies

With the keycard in hand, travel up the hill to Legacy’s Fortress to be met by an army of soldiers, sentries, and even an attack helicopter. Go slowly and remove all threats before opening the main building with the keycard.

There will be more enemies, traps, and decoys that will flashbang you when shot. Carefully make your way upstairs and take out Legacy in his office with bullets. This will complete the fortress and open up a reward portal with random rewards and the Tactical Negotiator Blueprint.

The blueprint is for the Haymaker shotgun which has better bullet velocity/range, magazine capacity, and incendiary damage. It also requires an open weapon slot in your inventory to take and then ex-fil with to keep it.

It is important to note that the Tactical Negotiator weapon can be used for future Zombie missions, but the blueprint is not available in multiplayer. Perhaps it will be in the future, but it is currently Zombies-only.

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