How to Get Spoils of Conquest in Destiny 2

Have a second chance or third chance to get raid gear.

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The raids in Destiny 2 can offer powerful weapons and gear by completing them, but you never know what you will get. Thankfully, there is a currency called Spoils of Conquest, so players can buy the right raid gear they need.

Where to Get Spoils of Conquest in Destiny 2

Spoils of Conquest can be earned in a few ways, but all methods require participating in the game’s raids as it is a raid currency. It can be earned by completing encounters and opening secret chests within raids. While there are multiple raids to choose from to get the currency, some work differently than others.

The following raids give five Spoils of Conquest per encounter and can be repeated to get more: King’s Fall, Root of Nightmares, Vault of Glass, and Vow of the Disciple. These raids also contain secret chests that award five Spoils of Conquest but can only be earned once per week for each character.

Legacy raids, such as Last Wish and Deep Stone Crypt, will only reward with three Spoils of Conquest per encounter. These raids are often rotated in and out of the game, depending on the season.

Where to Spend Spoils of Conquest in Destiny 2

Spoils of Conquest can be spent in two places. The first place is at the end of completing a raid. Some of the raids will spawn vendors once the boss is defeated, and players can purchase the raid-specific weapons and armor.

The other method is at the Monument to Lost Lights, located at the Tower next to the player’s Vault. This kiosk allows players to buy exotics that cannot be earned elsewhere in the game. The raid exotics available for purchase with Spoils of Conquest will be from raids that have been removed from the game.

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