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How to Get Small Kemono Membrane in Wild Hearts

When will we get lab-grown membranes

by Daphne Fama

The world of Wild Hearts is full of vicious Giant Kemono who want nothing more than to kick your butt seven ways to Sunday. And the best way to stop them from doing just that? Is by crafting the best weapons and armor you can from the body parts of their fallen comrades. Here’s how to get Small Kemono Membrane in Wild Hearts.

How to Get Small Kemono Membrane in Wild Hearts

One of the earliest bosses you’ll meet in Wild Hearts is the Ragetail, a flower crowned rodent that’s mad you’re in the same zip code as it. Bringing down Ragetail isn’t too difficult, but you know what’s even easier? Killing its puppies.

Yeah, it’s horrendously cruel, but Ragetail Pups are the easiest source of Small Kemono Membranes. Ragetail Pups can be found in Harugasumi Way, close to the abandoned village, just South of the river near the giant cherry blossom tree.

Unfortunately, hugging it out with these chubby flower-bloom hedgehogs won’t lead to membranes either. You’ll have to stab or shoot them. If you want to feel better about it, you can stand in front of them. Like their Giant Kemono parent, they’ll eventually be enraged by the sight of you and start attacking you. And once they do that, killing them is more self-defense than murder, right?

Additionally, you might notice that early on you only get Small Kemono Skins from Ragetail Pups. I believe as you progress it unlocks new resource drops, though it’s hard to know for certain what the trigger point is.

If you’re struggling to find membranes from Ragetail Pups, other hunts have stated they’ve found Small Kemono Membranes when killing Icebloom Hounds, found in Fuyufusagi Fort. Good luck Hunter!

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