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How to Get Pet Kemono Tail Feather in Wild Hearts

Surely it won't miss a single feather?

by Daphne Fama

One of the best things Wild Hearts does is give hunters a chance to get crafting materials through more gentle approaches. I’ve hugged so many Gladefruit Hares and I have no regrets. But certain crafting materials can only be obtained by capturing the tiny Pet Kemonos you’ll see scuttling around. Here’s how to get Pet Kemono Tail Feather in Wild Hearts.

How to Get Pet Kemono Tail Feather in Wild Hearts

In our guide to Pet Kemono locations and resources, you’ll quickly find that there are two Pet Kemono that drop Pet Kemono Tail Feathers: the Grasswing Swallow and Lotuswing Swallow.

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Both of these lovely birds can be found early on, with the Grasswing Swallow being one of the first Pet Kemono you find in Harugasumi Way. They’re distinct because of their bright green feathers, tipped in blue, making them look a bit like wild parakeets. These swallows favor the old blossom trails and areas with ample bamboo, so head towards where you first fought Sapscourge and Kingtusk and you’ll find a Grasswing soon enough.

But just catching a bird isn’t enough. We’ll need to put in a few more resources. Add three swallows to your collection then return to Minato.

Once you’re here, you’ll need to craft a Wildlife Cage Dragon Karakuri, which will run you 30 Wind resources. Once you’ve built your cage, interact with it and select the Grasswing or Lotuswing Swallow.

With your birds sitting pretty in their new enclosure, go and have a snack, go on a hunt, do whatever. A certain amount of time needs to pass before they’ll drop the coveted Pet Kemono Tail Feather, a resource you can now use to develop a restorative bath (which will boost your max HP) or craft a variety of weapons and armors.

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