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How to Use Hunter’s Arm in Wild Hearts

The glowy green spots have a purpose

by Daphne Fama
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Many of the unique abilities you channel in Wild Hearts come from the strange device strapped to your arm. It’s through this device that you’re able to conjure up all manner of useful items, from cages for your pets to crossbows that shoot ropes up to hard to reach places. But did you know it can be used more offensively? Here’s how to use Hunter’s Arm in Wild Hearts.

How to Use Hunter’s Arm in Wild Hearts

If you’ve found yourself in possession of the Guild of Fishermen Job, Hunter’s Mighty Arm, you might be puzzled. The job requires you to activate your Hunter’s Arm twice, but you’ve likely done that dozens of times, both in and out of battle.

What this quest doesn’t tell you is that you’ll need to use the Hunter’s Arm offensively. And the best way to do that is to start a hunt for a Giant Kemono. Once you’ve found your big monster, start doing damage to it. You eventually see great swaths of luminescent green appear on its body.

These spots are the Giant Kemono’s weak spots, which are now exposed and ready for some extra firm stabbing. Run towards the Giant Kemono as if it were a rock wall, then leap at it, using the same button you would to climb. This will allow you to mount the Giant Kemono. Once you’re clinging to your prey, shimmy your way over to the glowing green spot.

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You’ll see a button prompt for Hunter’s Arm. Click whatever button it tells you to, and you’ll punch or stab at it with the arm equipped with the Karakuri. You’ll see pale green threads explode outward. This maneuver will activate Strong Arm Spirit and briefly stun the Giant Kemono.

This will give you a chance to scuttle towards the next exposed green spot. If you manage to hit all the exposed spots, the Kemono will briefly keel over, allowing you to absolutely wreck its tender underside for massive damage. You’ll also overcharge your thread, giving you a chance to build your way around the battlefield like a professional woodworker. Or just sit on it and let it fizzle; I’m not your boss.

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