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How to Get Small Kemono Shell Skin in Wild Hearts

If only this was a petting simulator

by Daphne Fama

Wild Hearts is a game that’s all about progression. You arrive untested, with meager weapons and even worse armor. But through the chapters, you’ll cobble together an impressive arsenal and armory using just the body parts of your fallen foes and some random rocks you find on the ground. But not all crafting materials are easy to come by. Here’s how to get Small Kemono Shell Skin in Wild Hearts.

How to Get Small Kemono Shell Skin in Wild Hearts

As you face more challenging Giant and Mighty Kemono, you’ll need better equipment. And to that end, you might have your eyes on the Brighteye Archer Hakama, one of the best armor sets mid-game. But this armor set requires something specific and elusive: three Small Kemono Shell Skin.

Unfortunately, finding these Shell Skins isn’t easy. You’ll first need to unlock Mighty Kemono, which can be done by defeating the Mighty Dreadclaw in Akikure Canyon in Chapter 3 or 4. Once Mighty Kemono is unlocked, new Small Kemono will begin to invade other biomes.

Which is fantastic, because there’s one Small Kemono that we really want to see: Sparkshower Monitors.

These monitors will begin appearing in Akikure Canyon and are distinct because of their black scales and red, almost garnet-like ridges. They’re lovely, really. And unfortunately, hugging them won’t give you the Shell Skin you’ll need. For that, you’ll have to murder them and hope they drop the goods.

Sparkshower Monitors are rare and there are generally only two that spawn each time in the Canyon. That means you’ll likely need to load into the area multiple times, so get ready to grind things out. But by now, you’re surely used to that. And isn’t the Brighteye Archer Hakamaz and Claw Blade upgrade worth the effort (and murder)?

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