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How to Get Pet Kemono Seeds in Wild Hearts

My squirrel hoarding addiction finally pays off

by Daphne Fama

Here’s something I’m sure we can all agree on. The best part of Wild Hearts isn’t the Giant Kemono, the crafting, the beautiful landscapes, or unique builds. No, it’s the fact that you can make two dozen tiny Kemono your pets. And these creatures (which are now your friends, no, they don’t get a choice in the matter) can also drop Pet Kemono seeds when you catch them. Here’s how to get pet Kemono seeds in Wild Hearts.

How to Get Pet Kemono Seeds in Wild Hearts

There are twenty-one tiny Kemono scattered across the lands, each adorable and worth collecting. When you capture a handful of these creatures, you’ll get Pet Kemono Seed, an item useable in crafting. But not all Pet Kemono give you seeds. Here are the ones that do:

Harugasumi Way

  • Canecrown Viper
  • Berrybright Squirrel

Akikura Canyon

  • Cherrytinge Ladybug

Fuyufusagi Fort

  • Frostberry Squirrel

Natsukodachi Isle

  • Orangetufted Constrictor 

You might notice a theme! If a Tiny Kemono is either a snake or a squirrel (or a ladybug, I guess), it will drop a Pet Kemono seed on capture. But if you don’t feel like scouring Harugasumi Way, the most efficient place to find Pet Seeds, there’s also another option.

In your Karakuri tree, there’s an option for Wildlife Cage Dragon Karakuri. Choose this option, and you’ll be able to craft a cage where you can put your preferred Tiny Kemono. This at first seems to only serve aesthetic purposes, but come back after a bit of time and your pet will have something for you: an item that’s unique to it.

So, for Canecrown Vipers, that item will be a Pet Kemono Seed. For a Kudzuclad Fox, you’ll get an Inari Fruit.

Unfortunately, the Wildlife Cage will take you thousands of Karakuri Orbs and the return rate is fairly low. But at least you have a buddy waiting for you after a long hunt.

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