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How to Get Luminous Dust in Wild Hearts

It's almost a shame to kill it

by Daphne Fama

The bread and monstrous butter of Wild Hearts is a loop between hunting, gathering materials, crafting, only to go out and hunt again. In this way, not only do you get the best, most powerful gear, you show those Giant Kemono who the true Apex Predator is. But not all materials are abundant. Here’s how to get Luminous Dust in Wild Hearts.

How to Get Luminous Dust in Wild Hearts

If you want Luminous Dust, you need only turn your eyes to the sky. The Pearlbeak, or Shiromatoi, is a massive bird that apparently needs a good clean, as it’s our source of Luminous Dust.

This Blanched Raven can be first encountered on Natsukodachi Isle in Chapter 3, right after the attack on Minato by Amaterasu. To hunt it down, head towards Ironsand Beach, where the Pearlbeak will be peering thoughtfully out towards the ocean. Engage with it, and you’ll find that it’s a 3-Star Giant Kemono.

Whittling away Pearlbeak can be difficult, as its fast, capable of emitting beams that will blind and disorient you, and it will dive you when you’re vulnerable. Take advantage of its long animations upon missing to pound at its delicate head. But if you can’t get to its head, its wings and body are its next softest body part.

Once you’ve clipped that bird’s wings, there’s a chance that it will drop Giant Kemono Luminous Dust, but this dust is a rare drop. Thus, it’s likely you’ll have to go on multiple hunt to get all the Luminous Dust you need for your crafting project of choice.

Other exceptionally useful items the Pearlbeak can drop are the Brighteye Archer Kemono Blood and Brighteye Archer Teardrops. That makes it worth the effort, right?

Good luck hunting!

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