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All Pet Kemono Creatures and their Locations in Wild Hearts

Gotta catch 'em all, Kemonomon

by Daphne Fama

I’ll be honest, one of the best parts of Wild Hearts is seeing an adorable Tiny Kemono or Pet Creature in the distance, chasing it down, and making it my forever friend. It’s a wonderful break from the challenging hunts, and the Pet Creatures offer a fantastic benefit: crafting materials. Here are all the Pet Creatures and their locations in Wild Hearts.

All Pet Kemono Creatures and their Locations in Wild Hearts

There are 21 Pet Creatures in Wild Hearts, and they tend to keep to their own biomes. For ease of reference, I’ve crafted tables for each location you can find them in, from Harugasumi Way to Fuyufusagi Fort, and included their name, location, and material they give.

Important to note that sometimes just catching a Pet Creature isn’t enough. Sometimes you’ll have to make a cage for it and then return to reap the resource.

All Pet Kemono Creatures in Harugasumi Way in Wild Hearts

Berrybright SquirrelPet Kemono Seed
Canecrown ViperPet Kemono Seed
Cherrytail LadybugOrb Cherry
Ferntail GeckoSpiral Fern
Glowstair SnailGleaming Pet Kemono Shell
Goldchrysanth CraneChrysanthemum Feather
Grasswing SwallowPet Kemono Tail Feather

All Pet Kemono Creatures in Natsukodachi Islein Wild Hearts

Gorgonian Hermit CrabGleaming Pet Kemono Shell
Hotbellied GeckoScarlet Pet Kemono Spores
Lotuswing SwallowPet Kemono Tail Feather
Nectarbelly CicadaNature’s Nectar or Golden Nectar
Orangetufted ConstrictorPet Kemono Seed

All Pet Kemono Creatures in Akikura Canyon in Wild Hearts

Cherrytinge LadybugPet Kemono Seed
Chestnutkeeper HedgehogBacknut
Crystalcap SweetfishNone
Dogwood CatfishNone
Kudzuclad FoxInari Fruit
Wasabiskimmer DragonflyFall Wasabi

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All Pet Kemono Creatures in Fuyufusagi Fort Creatures in Wild Hearts

Citrusscent OwlBelly Yuzu
Frostberry SquirrelPet Kemono Seed
Rockfoil RabbitSnow Leaf
Silverchrysanth CraneChrysanthemum Feather
Violetbulb SnowbugCrystal Snowflake

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