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All Weapon Types in Wild Hearts

Slay mythical beasts with caution

In order to hunt down all those deadly Kemono in the neighborhood, one must first master their Weapon in Wild Hearts. And with lots of different choices, it can be tough to decide which one is the best for your playstyle. You can choose a full gung-ho jump-and-kill style or a more tactical, distance-based combat if you don’t feel like facing those mythical creatures head-on.

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Whichever you choose, the results will always be the same (or at least they should be): a beast down to its knees with its subjugator over its corpse. You don’t wanna be on the losing side here, so you better pick your weapon wisely. Here are all the weapons available in Wild Hearts.

All Weapons in Wild Hearts Listed

There’s a total of 8 weapons in the game. You start with the default Karakuri Katana and get four other options not much later in the tutorial. The final three weapons are unlocked after you clear the game’s first chapter, which shouldn’t take you much longer, either.

Karakuri KatanaMeleeThe basic sword weapon from the game. Filling up its weapon gauge turns it into a chained-blade weapon that allows you to deliver even faster attacks from some distance.
NodachiMeleeBig sword goes brr. If you’re a fan of a more heavy, more powerful style, this is your weapon. Its attacks change according to your current movement, and the same principle applies to its gauge.
BowRangedIts attacks vary according to your bow stance, with Haya arrows being faster but weaker and Otoya hits being more powerful by nature. Try to find a balance between them.
MaulMeleeIf you don’t like big swords, we also got big hammers. It has an even more heavy style, but is equally (if not more) rewarding when mastered, especially if you can hit its timings correctly.
Bladed WagasaMeleeYou wouldn’t expect that a parasol would be the “parry style” weapon, but that’s a thing. With enough practice, you can ignore the need for constant movement and simply parry most of the Kemono’s attacks, which will increase your overall damage.
Hand CannonRangedRanged Another truly ranged weapon, but in a more explosive and blunt fashion. You have to deploy Ki Bases and be careful with overheating though, otherwise you’ll find yourself in a pickle very soon.
Claw BladeMeleeAre you ready to slay some Tita… I mean, Kemonos? With this fast-paced weapon made for aerial combat, you can grapple yourself onto a giant beast and start butchering it over and over until it falls. It takes some time to get used to it, but it’s definitely one of the most fun weapons in the game.
Karakuri StaffMeleeA somewhat complex weapon that lets you use its special “mutations” to change your attacks according to the situation. You can mix combos between forms and finish it with its special attack for a huge boom.

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All weapons will take some time to master, but some are definitely on the harder side. Take your time to decide which one will be your main ally while fending off those mighty creatures out there, and feel free to change it whenever you feel like it. 

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