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All Wild Hearts Pre-Order Bonuses Listed

What do I get?

by Jesse Vitelli

Omega Force has released its newest game Wild Hearts, and if you’re a fan of the Monster Hunter series it offers a unique spin on a familiar formula. From taking down giant beasts to building contraptions like it’s a match of Fortnite, Wild Hearts has plenty for players to sink their teeth into. Of course, if you’ve pre-ordered the game, you’ll get some unique goodies to boot. Here are all of the Wild Hearts pre-order bonuses, listed.

All Wild Hearts Pre-Order Bonuses Listed

If you’ve pre-ordered the game and are hopping in on day one, you’ll be given a little something extra:

  • Ferocious Kemono Emote
  • Poker Face Chat Stamp
  • Just Woke Up Chat Stamp
  • Praying Chat Stamp
  • Besties Chat Stamp
  • Sleepy Chat Stamp

All of these pre-order bonuses are cosmetic only and offer no actual gameplay change. These are just ways to express yourself further in social settings like multiplayer.

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So if you didn’t get any of the pre-order bonuses, don’t fret; you’re not missing much or anything that would give you significant gameplay advantages.

Wild Hearts has plenty of armor sets, weapons, and contraptions to unlock. As you progress further into the story and unlock more customization options, you’ll be able to customize your armor and weapon to fit your gameplay style. Whether it’s flying high in the air and raining fire from above or slicing up your enemies from the ground with the long sword, you’ll find something for your style.

That’s everything you need to know about all of the Wild Hearts pre-order bonuses. If you’re looking to play Wild Hearts, we have plenty of tips and tricks to help make sure you topple any foe that stands in your way. Here’s how to play co-op online with your friends in Wild Hearts.

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