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Wild Hearts: How to Play Online With Friends

Time to squad up.

by Jesse Vitelli

Hunting monsters is always better with a friend. Wild Hearts, the new Omega Force game published by EA, allows players to team up with their friends to take down hulking monsters across the world. Of course, you’ll need actually to group up with your friends to do this. Here’s how to play online with friends in Wild Hearts.

Wild Hearts: How to Play Online With Friends

To play with friends in Wild Hearts, you will first need to defeat your first monster, known as the Ragetail. Once you’ve done this and have headed back to camp, you’ll be able to start playing with your friends.

Sit at the campfire the game made you build earlier at the Dragon Pit. As you sit down, you’ll see a menu with three options; the middle option reads “Play Online.”

This option will allow you to join a session or create a session for friends. Since Wild Hearts is cross-play, anyone can join your session regardless of their platform.

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The first time you boot up the online, you’ll be met with a quick tutorial screen that states, “When collaborating with others in online play, the story progresses in accordance with the host’s game. Your save will only include story progress if you’re at the same point story-wise as the host.”

Now you need to decide if you’re hosting or joining a session and have all of your friends come together. It’s easy to invite them once you’ve created a session, and you’ll be all set to start hunting.

That’s everything you need to know about how to play online with friends in Wild Hearts. This game can be tricky, and we’re here to ensure you have everything you’d ever need to be a successful hunter. Here’s how to fast-travel in Wild Hearts, so you don’t waste too much time running around.

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