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Wild Hearts: How to Fast Travel

It's all about speed.

by Jesse Vitelli

Wild Hearts allows you to hunt down terrifying monsters in a glorious fashion. From using weapons like the bow to the powerful maul, you can really find weapons that fit your playstyle. To upgrade your weapons, you’ll need plenty of materials, and running around the whole map can be tedious. That’s where fast travel comes in. How do you fast-travel in Wild Hearts? We have the answer for you below.

Wild Hearts: How to Fast Travel

If you need to travel fast in Wild Hearts, you’ll first need a location to fast travel to. Once you’ve unblocked a Dragon pit on the map, you’ll be able to use this location as a safe haven from monsters and a fast travel location and base of operations.

To fast travel in Wild Hearts, you need to open up the map, go to one of the Dragon pits on your map, and click the X/A button to initiate fast travel. This will allow you to teleport instantly to the location and save you a lot of time whenever you want to head back to camp. Of course, you could run around the map back and forth all of the time, but that’s slow, and we need to grind as fast as possible.

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You can see an image of the fast travel icon and map below, which will help show you what you’re looking for on the map and other areas we’ve discovered.

Fast travel will unlock once you have completed the game’s tutorial section. So keep pushing forward, and you’ll eventually learn more about it.

For more tips, tricks, and guides on Wild Hearts, be sure to check out Prima Games. If you want to get your friends to play, tell them about the Wild Hearts demo.

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