How to Get Shedinja in Pokemon GO

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The very nature of Pokemon GO is to motivate trainers to go above and beyond to find the rarest Pokemon available. Sometimes this means pitting your team against rare Legendary Pokemon, and sometimes it means struggling to get your Ninjask to evolve into a Shedinja, which is much harder to do than you might expect. Here’s how to get Shedinja in Pokemon GO.

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How to Get Shedinja in Pokemon GO

Shedinja has always been an odd duck in the Pokemon world. Inspired by cicadas, Shedinja is the empty husk that Ninjask leaves behind once it reaches level 20. And, at least in mainline games, if you have an empty slot in your party, you’ll automatically catch Shedinja.

Empty party slots aren’t a thing in Pokemon GO, and unfortunately, Shedinja can be very hard to get your hands on.

That’s because Shedinja is only available when special research tasks have it as an encounter.

That’s right, Shedinja is essentially a rare, event-locked encounter. And these events seem to occur once a year.

Shedinja was first introduced in 2018, during a Bug-themed Field Research Challenge. It was brought back again in The Hoenn Throwback Challenge Event in 2020. The most recent chance for trainers to get a Shedinja of their own was a Research Breakthrough encounter that happened in October 2022.

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You’ll never encounter Shedinja in the wild or through eggs.

But you can trade for it, as it isn’t a Mythical Pokemon. Expect to shell out a lot of Stardust for this rare Ghost-Bug, though.

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