Will Diancie Debut at Pokemon GO Fest 2023? – Answered

Worth the plane ticket?

Every year, we get a Pokemon GO Fest. And every year, a new Mythical Pokemon makes its debut. But what Pokemon will we see unveiled during Pokemon GO Fest 2023? Will Diancie debut in Pokemon GO Fest 2023? Your question answered… Kind of.

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Will Diancie Debut at Pokemon GO Fest 2023?

So, let me get this right out of the way. We don’t know yet if Diancie will make its debut in Pokemon GO Fest 2023, but there’s a lot of evidence that it might.

Let’s get right into the sleuthing.

On April 26, Pokemon GO’s Twitter account began posting more concrete information about Pokemon GO Fest, scheduled to hit three major cities for a three-day weekend.

Those cities are London, England; Osaka, Japan; and New York City, USA. For London and Osaka, the dates are August 4–6, but New York City will be celebrating two weeks later, from August 18–20.

During these GO Fests, trainers could take part in Special Research tasks, which would eventually end in a Mythical Pokemon. In 2022, that Mythical Pokemon was Shaymin, and in 2021 it was Meloetta.

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But what’s our evidence that the next Pokemon will be Diancie? While there’s scant information to go on, the Pokemon logo for the event has an interesting detail.

You’ll notice the pink diamonds on the side of the logo are strikingly like Diancie’s gems.

If this feels like reaching, it’s not. Each Mythical Pokemon has been hinted at by the Pokemon GO Fest logos for the past few years. Notice the flowers on the side of the 2022 logo for Shaymin, and the music notes for Meloetta.

But August is still quite some time away. If you’re curious about Shaymin and its recent appearance during Sustainability Week, you might want to know if it’s finally made its shiny debut. Check out the answer here: Can Shaymin be Shiny in Pokemon GO – Answered.

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