How to Get Semimetal Wafer in Starfield

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Starfield Semimetal Wafer Featured

Once you get into mods in Starfield, your life gets way better. No, not the downloadable mods, the in-game ones! Your equipment can be enhanced by combining a few materials together, and one of them is the Semimetal Wafer. If you’re interested and want to know more about where to get this modifying piece of metal, you came to the right place. Here’s how to get Semimetal Wafer in Starfield.

Where to Buy Semimetal Wafer in Starfield

Although it cannot be found around any deserted colony, lab, or any other similar base you can encounter in outer space, Semimetal Wafer is easily found in certain stores in the main cities. The earliest you can find it is in the Outland store in New Atlantis, the very first city you visit in the game. Travel to its Commercial District and take a few steps forward outside the train. You’ll soon spot the store to your left, where you can find the Wafer alongside many other resources.

Starfield Sterile Nanotubes Outland
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Each of them costs 149 Credits, so it’s easy to pick a few of these for your urgent needs. If the current vendor stock isn’t enough, you can sleep in your bed back in your ship (or just find a nearby chair to Wait) for 48 UT hours. This will make all merchants restock their items even if they were sold out, so you can just buy as many Wafers as you need.

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Another easy-to-find shop that also offers this material is Sieghart’s Outfitters in Neon, located in Volii Alpha. After landing on the planet, take the elevator down and look to your right to spot the store. The same rules about restocking apply here, so you’re free to get as many of these as you need.

Starfield Sterile Nanotubes Sieghart
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Semimetal Wafers are used to make the Exo Servos mod, which increases melee damage inflicted by the user. This is perfect if you enjoy a more physical approach rather than exchanging shots until one side drops down to their knees. It can be applied to most spacesuits, and this includes the Mark I Suit you can get pretty early in the game.

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