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How to Get the Sawah Hotel Room 302 Key in COD DMZ

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by Daniel Wenerowicz
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Faction missions in the Call of Duty: DMZ mode will take you all over the three maps available in the game, and some of them get much more specific as the tiers increase. In this case, you need to open up Sawah Hotel Room 302 to take what’s inside.

This building is confusing because you can’t enter the room through the main door like you can in other DMZ structures. That means you need to find your way around an alternative route to enter Room 302 in the Sawah Hotel. Our guide will cover how you can enter and where the location is.

Note: After Season 2 was implemented, you can no longer enter the room through the roof. You’ll have to grind out HVT contracts and hope for the Room 302 key to drop.

COD DMZ – Sawah Hotel Location in Al Mazrah

Before you can enter Room 302, you need to find the correct location. Sawah Hotel can be found in the village of the same name in Al Mazrah, which is one of the southernmost POIs on the map. Sawah Village is all the way southeast, just below the Al Shamman Cemetary POI.

When you arrive in the village, you’ll notice that the area is mostly flooded, and so is the hotel. If you’re looking at your map, Sawah Hotel is one of the largest buildings and is located on the eastern side of the flooded village. Once, you’ve found it, now you can attempt to reach the room.

COD DMZ – How to Enter Sawah Hotel Room 302

After taking out all the enemies in the area, you can enter the bottom floor of the hotel and take the elevator up. However, this elevator just brings you to the main entrance of Room 302 and there is no key that exists for the room. We need to take another route.

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Head back outside and look for a ladder that can help you climb all the way to the roof without any issues. Once you’re at the top of Sawah Hotel, you’ll notice that each room below the roof has a skylight that can be entered. Jump into the hole that corresponds with Room 302, which should be on the northern side of the hotel roof. Take all the loot you can and the .50 GS and you can continue the Good Fortune mission.

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