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How to Get Premium Meat in Harvestella

Like normal meat, but meatier.

by Matt Vatankhah

The list of materials and ingredients never seems to end in Harvestella, as just when you think you’ve collected everything, a newer, shinier version comes along. Such is the case with Premium Meat, a much rarer variant of the normal Meat you’ve probably been stockpiling throughout your journey. Where normal Meat is used in your more traditional cooking recipes, Premium Meat is reserved for only the most exceptional delicacies, and its low drop rate reflects just that. Here’s how to get Premium Meat in Harvestella.

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How To Get Premium Meat in Harvestella

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Premium Meat is a rare drop that’s collected from rare monsters in Harvestella. You can reliably find it from the huge Juggernauts in the Castle of Illusion (Chapter 4) as well as the Gugalanna from the Astrum Helix Research Facility (Chapter 6). Both of these monsters look similar, and bare a striking resemblance to Behemoths from the Final Fantasy franchise, so they’re pretty hard to miss.

It’s much less likely to find Premium Meat from the Juggernaut, but players have confirmed that they were able to get it to drop after a few tries. The Gugalanna, on the other hand, drops Premium Meat much more frequently. Though, as stated before, these are rare monster spawns, and you’ll likely only find one of each in either location. That means about one Premium Meat per day on average, or two if you’re really lucky.

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