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How to Get Pets in Sea of Thieves

Cuteness overload!

by Nikola L

Who wouldn’t want to get a cute pet companion in Sea of Thieves? The first pets were added to Sea of Thieves in 2019 – originally, there were only Monkeys and Parrots, but quickly, the pool expanded, introducing Marmoset and Cockatoo in the Seabound Soul content update in November, and also a couple of Cats (Wildcat, Ragamuffin, Mau) and Dogs (Alsatians, Whippets and Inus) in September 2020. Here’s how to get pets in Sea of Thieves.

There are fun mechanics included with every pet.

Where Do I Get Pets In Sea of Thieves?

Pets can be bought in the Pets tab which you can find in the Pirate Emporium menu. They are purchased with Ancient Coins, which you can acquire with a real-money purchase or with a rare drop from Ancient Skeletons found on Islands in Adventure mode. In this online shop, you can also purchase different outfits, weapons, and customizations for your ship. Each pet costs you roughly around $5 if you pay with cash.

What Can I Do With Pets in Sea of Thieves?

There’s a lot of fun stuff you can do with your pets. First, you need to equip your pet, which can be done from the Pet Chest. Cats and Dogs usually roam around while you’re on the ship, or follow you around when you leave. Birds can be found in the bird cage that’s hanging in close proximity to the map. You can have the bird-type pets stand on your arm, for example. Most pets will react when they hear you play an instrument, and pets can also get dirty after being shot from a cannon (you can clean them to restore their natural coat color). You can pet them, feed them, they have their own emotes, and you can dress them up BUT they provide no combat value to the player.

If you want to unequip a pet, this is doable from your Pet Chest as well.

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