Diablo 4 Pet
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How to Get Pets in Diablo 4

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It always felt a little lonely playing solo in Diablo 4, but that has changed with the addition of pets in the latest update for the dungeon crawler. Here are all of the ways on how to get pets in Diablo 4.

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How to Get Pets in Diablo 4

Diablo 4 Pet
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Diablo 4 players can get a free pet by completing the Faithful Companion quest. This quest was recently added in the last update and all players can get access to it regardless of platform or version.

Once marked in your quest list, it can be found in the town of Kyovashad just west of the World Tier statue. The quest will take you to a dog on the side of the road known as the Well Behaved Dog.

Interact with the dog to pet him and complete the quest. This will unlock a free pet called Asheara that can be equipped. Pets will follow the player around during battle to collect gold and other materials like Aberrant Cinders. Using the Hello emote near your pet anytime will cause your character to pet it.

There are other pets available to equip but are not available to earn in-game. There are three other pets with the update that can only be earned by pre-purchasing the Vessel of Hatred expansion. Buying the Ultimate Edition will get all three, but here are all the current pets and which editions they come with:

  • Alkor – Vessel of Hatred Standard Edition
  • Hratli – Vessel of Hatred Deluxe Edition
  • Natalya – Vessel of Hatred Ultimate Edition

How to Equip Pets in Diablo 4

Diablo 4 Pet Wardrobe
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Pets can be equipped by visiting any Wardrobe located in any of the major cities within Sanctuary. This is where players can customize their wardrobe, appearance, or effects.

There is now a separate tab in the Wardrobe labeled Pets where players can see which pets they have. Select any of the earned pets to equip them, or choose the X option to unequip any pet. There is currently no option to further customize your pet beyond what they are.

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