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How to Get Stygian Stones in Diablo 4

Skipping stones for endgame activites.

Diablo 4 has added new resources like the Stygian Stones for players to access some endgame activities in Season 4, but can be very hard to get for new players. Here is how to get Stygian Stones in Diablo 4.

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How to Find Stygian Stones in Diablo 4

Diablo 4 The Pit of the Artificers
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Diablo 4 players can get Stygian Stones by completing runs in The Pit of the Artificers. It is a new activity introduced in Season 4 meant for players already in the endgame.

The Pit of the Artificers is a time-trial dungeon where players have 10 minutes to defeat a certain number of enemies and a boss, and any deaths will subtract from the time. There are 200 Tiers in The Pit of the Artificers with Tier 1 starting with level 100 enemies.

However, the player in the group who spends the Runeshard to activate The Pit will be the only one to receive the Stygian Stone upon completion. Any other players in the party will still receive some Masterworking materials, but no Stygian Stones.

How to Use Stygian Stones in Diablo 4

Diablo 4 Tormented Andariel
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Stygian Stones are used to summon Tormented Bosses in Diablo 4. These are harder versions of the endgame bosses, such as the new Andariel boss just added with Season 4. The Tormented Bosses are level 200, while the regular bosses are at level 100.

Since the Tormented Bosses are harder, they also require a lot more resources to summon. For example, Tormented Andariel requires six Pincushioned Dolls, six Sandscorched Shackles, and two Stygian Stones.

That means players will have to spend Runeshards and complete two runs in The Pit of the Artificers just to get one shot at Tormented Andariel. Players should group up with others who want to tackle these Tormented Bosses and do four runs, with each person using their own materials, to efficiently get the loot they want.

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