How to Get New Ingredients in Potionomics

This whole process is weird

Potionomics, like real life, gives you opportunities largely tied to luck. There are some matters you have control over, but mostly you have to work to put yourself in the right place, in case the right time happens. This is especially true when it comes to finding new ingredients. While there are some factors you do have control over, actually encountering the new stuff can be a few dice rolls. But while it’s kind of a basic part of a game like this, it’s worth explaining exactly what you can do about finding new ways to brew bigger and better potions.

There are two main avenues through which you can find new ingredients in Potionomics. Both of them are tied to the Heroes Guild, which houses two very important characters. One is Mint, who you should be talking up anyways because she rules. The other is Baptiste, who is kinda lame but means well for the most part. These folks are crucial to finding new things. Here’s how they work.

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With Mint, you’re paying her and giving her potions to go out and fight monsters for you. She’ll bring stuff back based on where you send her and how far in she gets, along with some good ol’ RNG. It can be daunting to send Mint out early on, but leveling her up is crucial for getting through even the first boss fight against Roxanne. Spend as much time with her as you can, because leveling her up lets her get further in dungeons with her natural stats, alleviating some of the potion pressure.

Baptiste is more of a risk/reward situation. Every day he has three new investment opportunities, letting you dump coins into specialized adventures. You can get some wild stuff here, but the price tags add up real quick. You can also overdo it and mess up the local ecosystems, which I don’t recommend doing for various reasons. But the more money you’re willing to put in, the more of a chance there is for an additional unlisted and rare ingredient to greet you the next day.

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Once you get a new ingredient, make sure to immediately give one to Quinn, even if it’s the only one you have. Once they eat something new they’ll start selling it at their shop the next day. Prices ebb and flow with each day’s various situations, but the convenience factor is irreplaceable.

Finally, the next key part of Getting More Stuff is simply progressing in the story. As you get further into Potionomics, more ingredients, locations, and recipes open up. That makes the options above spit out even more new stuff.

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