How to Get MGB Tactical Nuke in MW2

What's a Call of Duty game without a little war crime

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As any fervent devotee to the Call of Duty franchise knows, it’s not just about securing the kill, it’s about utterly dominating your opponents. To that end, Activision has implemented Finishers to let you punish unsuspecting (and utterly oblivious) enemies. But there’s something even more golden and glorious than a finisher.

There’s the MGB Tactical Nuke. Here’s how to get it in MW2.

How to Get MGB Tactical Nuke in MW2

This 800-pound bullet is the ultimate move for a player that has essentially torn through the lobby the entire game. And it unlocks if you achieve 30 kills in a match without ever tasting death yourself. It’s a nigh impossible achievement for most players, but there are gods among gamers in some lobbies who are capable of pulling this off.

Once the 30th kill has been achieved, a drone will fly over the map and unleash a series of Mass Guided Bombs aimed at every player on the map. No one will be spared. All players will receive an animated banner at the top of the screen stating “MGB Inbound”. Sirens will call out, but there’s no place to run. No brick-and-mortar building is strong enough to withstand an MGB Tactical Nuke.

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After 10 seconds, the entire map will be leveled, and the player who called in the bomb (and the player’s team) will be declared the uncontested winner of the match.

If you’re thinking of trying to go for this incredible achievement yourself, it’s good to have ample experience with the map you’re on, spawn points, and the natural flow of enemy combatants. People tend to be very consistent about the paths they take on most maps. You can take advantage of this by using Ghost, Dead Silence, Cold-Blooded, and Counter UAVs to mask your position as you aggressively hunt down the other players.

Because it’s likely that you will have to be aggressive to get this achievement. Certain game modes will end too quickly, like Team Deathmatch and Free-for-all, so you’re better off attempting to manipulate objective-based games like Domination and Hardpoint. Allow the enemy to cap the point, then kill them, in order to ensure the game doesn’t end prematurely. But beyond that, it all boils down to skill.

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