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Starfield Magweapons
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Starfield has a large selection of weapon modifications, including barrels, magazines, stocks, and more, to enhance the stats of your favorite gun. One of the most exciting barrel weapon mods is the Magnetic Rails. But it’s somewhat hidden. If you want to learn how to get Magnetic Rails in Starfield, then you’ve come to the right place!

Where to Get Magnetic Rails in Starfield

Like with Depleted Uranium Rounds, Magnetic Rails hail from the Weapon Workbench. Before crafting the weapon mod, you must first unlock the corresponding research, the Barrel Mods 2 task.

For the research, you will require:

  • Weapon Engineering (Rank 1).
  • 2x Tungsten.
  • 4x Nickel.
  • 2x Lubricant.

To craft the actual mod on your weapon, you need:

  • 2x Cobalt.
  • 1x Lubricant.
  • 1x Supercooled Magnet.

The Cobalt and Lubricant shouldn’t prove too challenging to acquire. You can buy them from various stores, like Shepherd’s General Store in Akila City, UC Exchange in Cydonia, or Jemison Mercantile in New Atlantis.

But the Supercooled Magnet may wind up causing some headaches. While it occasionally spawns at various vendors, like UC Exchange in Cydonia, you’ll likely wind up crafting one for yourself. For that, you need:

  • 3x Neodymium.
  • 1x Isocentered Magnet.
  • 1x Isotopic Coolant.

You won’t find these resources just lying around, unfortunately. It will take some deep research and exploration.

Once you have the required resources and research unlocked, simply visit a Weapon Workbench, then craft the weapon mod for the appropriate firearm. You’ll need a railgun, though!

What Do Magnetic Rails Do in Starfield?

While the various railgun weapons in Starfield are already some of the most potent firearms in the game, no one is stopping you from making them even more powerful. To do that, attach Magnetic Rails as the barrel mod.

Magnetic Rails increase both the rate of fire and damage of a railgun but at the cost of the Aim Down Sights speed. It’s a worthy sacrifice!

Compatible Weapons

You’ll find that the Magnetic Rails mod is available for a broad range of railguns in the game, including:

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