How to Get the Mutineer Pistol in Starfield

One of the best pistols in the game, and extremely early.

Starfield Mutineer Pistol
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While you work your way through Starfield, you’re bound to find plenty of weapons that satisfy your needs. Some of these even go as far as being unique in that they can only be found in one spot and provide some insane power. For example, my Revenant LMG that I got at the end of the Crimson Fleet storyline has been my go-to for some time. One more can be found essentially for free. Here’s how to get the Mutineer pistol in Starfield.

Where to Find the Mutineer Pistol in Starfield

Starfield Syrma System Location
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You’ll need Rank 1 in the Security skill to get the Mutineer pistol.

The Mutineer pistol can only be accessed during or after Starfield’s Into the Unknown main quest. Speak with Vladimir, and he’ll tell you about his personal villa, located on the moon Syrma VII-A. The Syrma system is located on the right side of the system map, surrounded by the systems of Bel, Enlil, and Bannoc. It’s also on a path from the Hyla system if that helps. Once there, head into the planet view of Syrma VII-A and select the landing zone for Vladimir’s Villa.

Starfield Villa Advanced Lock Door
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Make your way up the overgrown path to his villa and head inside. You’ll find an incredibly nice modern house that totally wasn’t paid for by Vlad’s past exploits as a member of the Crimson Fleet. The beauty and random bits of loot aren’t what we’re concerned with though. Make your way downstairs and pick the Advanced lock. Inside and on the table will be the Mutineer pistol.

Is The Mutineer a Good Pistol in Starfield?

Starfield The Mutineer Stats
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The Mutineer is a rare version of the Magshot pistol, sporting the Space-Adept perk along with high damage and range. While its perk would normally be its key trait, the big kicker is in its perks. The Fully Automatic perk makes this a damage-dealing machine. If you get even within the mid-range of a target, you can often take them down in half a second. The Depleted Uranium Rounds, Compensator, and Magnetic Rails are just icing on the cake. Needless to say, you should give this thing a chance when you get it.

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