How to Get the Wakizashi Katana in Starfield

How to Get the Wakizashi Katana in Starfield

Turn Starfield into a hack and slash game

Starfield has a large mix of guns and melee weapons you can experiment with. You’ll find plenty throughout your playthrough, from snipers to knives and everything in between. However, the Wakizashi is one of the most fun melee weapons in the game, so it’s certainly worth getting your hands on it and trying it out. If you want to hack and slash through every enemy in the galaxy, continue reading to discover how to get the Wakizashi katana in Starfield.

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Where to Find the Wakizashi Katana in Starfield

You’ll obtain the Wakizashi after completing Neon’s The Audition mission. After arriving in Neon, entering Madame Sauvage’s bar, and auditioning for the Ebbside Strikers gang, Briggs will introduce you to Hatchet, who sells the Wakizashi katana.

Where to Find Madame Sauvage’s Bar

  • Starfield Neon Spawn
  • Neon Alleyway in Starfield
  • Starfield Ebbside for Wakizashi
  • Starfield Madame Sauvage Location

Below are the exact steps to finding Madame Sauvage’s bar:

  • Head to Neon on Volii Alpha, Volii
  • Run toward the area with Reliant Medical, the Volii Hotel, and Sieghart’s Outfitters.
  • At the railing with the SSNN pillar, turn left toward Reliant Medical and go through the nearby alleyway.
  • Enter the “Ebbside” doors at the bottom of the stairs on your left.
  • Run forward and enter Madame Sauvage’s place.

Here, you’ll find a character named Andrea Sandoval, whom you must speak with to begin The Audition.

Completing The Audition Mission

After speaking to Andrea about the Ebbside Strikers and the Disciples, you’ll unlock a dialogue option requesting you meet the former’s leader. She’ll lead you to Briggs, who, after some back and forth, will ask you to find out where the Disciples are getting their military-grade equipment.

Once you get your new objective, follow the quest marker out of the bar, past Sieghart’s Outfitters, and into another Ebbside door. The marker will lead you to the Warehouse 02 door behind Euphorika, which houses multiple Disciples ready to attack on sight. You have two options: run in and steal the slate before leaving, or sneak in and take it. Either way, bring it back to Briggs to finish the quest.


Disciple casualties will not affect whether you complete the mission, so use self-defense if necessary.

Buying Wakizashi From Hatchet

Once you tell Briggs you completed the task, he’ll admire your skill before recruiting you into the Ebbside Strikers. He’ll also guide you to Hatchet, who’ll sell you gear to help you in future missions.

Starfield Wakizashi Store Menu
Screenshot by Prima Games (click to enlarge)

Talking to Hatchet will initially lead to another quest, but you don’t have to worry about this. Instead, select “Let’s see what you have for sale”, open the weapons menu, and scroll down until you see the Wakizashi. Buy it to get your hands on a Wakizashi katana in Starfield!

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