Where to Buy Railguns in Starfield

Use the power of science to decimate your enemies.

Starfield Trade Tower in Neon
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I have to admit, of the many weapon types in Starfield, nothing beats the power and feel of a railgun. Everything from the Magshot to the Magshear positively rips through enemies with zero effort, and the mult-barrel functionality means more damage per shot. But learning where to buy railguns in Starfield proves difficult with so many weapon shops spread across the Settled Systems.

How to Get a Railgun in Starfield

The best way to get your hands on railguns in Starfield is to purchase one from a vendor. Unfortunately, too few of the vendors in the game sell anything more than the Magshot, a ballistic pistol capable of dealing quite a bit of damage. But if you want something more powerful, like a railgun sniper rifle or heavy weapon, there’s only one store in the Settled Systems worth your time: Kore Kinetics.

Kore Kinetics is a small gunshop located within the Trade Tower in Neon. To access it, you’ll have to take the elevator on the right-hand side of the lobby, beside the stairway leading to the Astral Lounge. It’s on a floor of its own, so don’t worry about wandering about looking for the shop.

Once there, speak with the vendor behind the desk. He’s pretty enthusiastic to sell you a weapon or two. Once you buy one, you can test it in the backroom via the range.

Types of Railguns in Starfield

Starfield Railguns
Screenshot by Prima Games

Starfield has several different railguns, known as mag weapons, including pistols, rifles, and heavy weapons. The one you choose will likely depend on your build and playstyle, though you can never go wrong with a mag rifle. At Kore Kinetics specifically, you’ll find:

  • Magpulse.
  • Magshear.
  • Magshot.
  • Magsniper.
  • Magstorm.

As of right now, Kore Kinetics does sell a few unique mag weapons, including Poisonstorm.

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