How to Get Legendary Ships in Starfield

Fly through the stars like a legend in the making!

Starfield Razorleaf Ship
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Before Starfield ever released to the public, we knew it featured an extensive ship customization suite to build absolute monstrosities like a flying platypus ship. But to learn that legendary ships exist in Starfield, and they’re actually pretty sweet to fly and collect, takes this role-playing game to another level. Here’s how to get legendary ships in Starfield.

The Legendary Ships in Starfield

Despite Starfield’s massive size, only five legendary ships are in the game. They’re scarce, requiring the player to endure tough challenges, like boss fights, deep exploration, and lengthy side quests, to unlock. Is it worth it? Yes, absolutely!

The list of legendary ships in Starfield includes:

  • The Pilgrim: A versatile mid-game ship that doesn’t particularly excel at exploration or combat but can hold its own for a time. It’s definitely an ideal replacement for your starter ship.
  • The Mantis: The Mantis, known as The Razorleaf, is a unique ship reward for completing the “Secret Outpost” slate quest looted from a dead Spacer at random. It’s quite the reward, providing ample storage space, multiple high-powered weapons, a Shielded Cargo Hold, and an impressive Grav Drive.
  • The Stronghold: A formidable starship that relies heavily on its armor and weapons, making it the ideal spaceship for combat encounters. It’s essentially a flying fortress for future generations.

How to Get Legendary Ships in Starfield

Ship Registration Starfield
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There are numerous methods to find and collect the legendary Starfield ships, including exploration, questing, and spending hard-earned credits to buy one.


There is much to see and do in Starfield, which is why exploration plays a significant role in the various quests. As you venture through the stars, you’ll stumble upon navigation charts that point to lost legendary starships. You’ll want to follow these charts to find your reward.

Alternatively, as you jump into a new system, there’s always the chance for an event or quest to pop up, which may provide you with a ship as a reward.

Quest Rewards

Quite a few of the previously-mentioned legendary ships come about as quest rewards, including The Mantis and The Pilgrim.

To unlock The Pilgrim, for example, you must complete the faction questline for the Crimson Fleet. Upon completing their story, you’ll unlock the ability to purchase The Pilgrim. Yes, that’s right. It’s not free. You need to spend credits.

As for The Mantis, that one is completely free. To acquire Razorleaf, you must follow the slate “Secret Outpost” to a distant planet where you’ll find a hidden base filled with enemies to defeat. After moving through the facility, clearing each area, and getting past the robotic sentries, you’ll find The Mantis starship and armor set at the end. Both are entirely free. Here’s our in-depth guide on how to get the Razorleaf in Starfield.

Buying a Ship

If all else fails, there are some ships you can purchase. Many unique faction vendors will sell you a legendary ship if you progress far enough in their factory storyline. As mentioned before, this is true of Crimson Fleet, who will sell The Pilgrim.

Unfortunately, the cost for such ships is typically relatively high. You’ll need potentially hundreds of thousands of credits to buy one.

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