How to Get Lechonk in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

Big chonker.

Lechonk in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

What’s not to love about this adorable piggy? It’s chunky and round and has “chonk” in its name. Doesn’t get any better than that. It’s probably the easiest Pokemon to catch in Gen 9 but if you’re having trouble somehow, here’s how to get Lechonk in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

Lechonk Location in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

When I say this is the easiest Pokemon to find, I’m not joking. In fact, it’s the first ‘mon you encounter as soon as you’re given Poke Balls. Your friend and rival Nemona will tell you to walk down Poco Path to reach the Academy which is where you’ll get into an encounter with Lechonk.

Lechonk Map Location in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet
You’ll come across a ton on Poco Path.
(Credit: The Pokemon Company / Game Freak)

If, for some reason, you didn’t catch it here or you simply want another one, the Normal-type Pokemon can be found in almost every area in the bottom half of Paldea. You definitely won’t be able to miss it; just look for a chubby, pig-shaped blob in the grass.

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A particularly good place to catch one is around Los Platos, just past the lighthouse at the beginning of the game.

Lechonk Location in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet
They also spawn around Los Platos.
(Credit: The Pokemon Company / Game Freak)

How to Evolve Lechonk into Oinkologne in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

Once Lechonk reaches level 18, it will evolve into Oinkologne, its final evolution. Oinkologne has two forms depending on whether it’s a male or a female. The male form is black and features a hot pink tail tip, nose, hooves, and eyelids, while its female counterpart is brown with a differently shaped tail and yellow ears.

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Enjoy your new chunky pig buddy!

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