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How to Get Honey in Minecraft (2023)

Sweet, sweet rewards.

by Daniel Wenerowicz
Honey Minecraft

Whether you need some extra food at your home or another way to slow down enemies who might invade when you least expect it, you’ll need to find some honey in Minecraft. With a handful of good uses that can bolster any community, it’s worth putting in the time to harvest the sweet loot from bees.

Getting honey once in Minecraft can already take a fair amount of exploration alone, but consistently farming the material is at another level. Luckily, the steps are fairly easy if you know what tools you need. Our guide will cover all of this so you can get started with the bees Minecraft.

Minecraft – How to Get Honey

Step one in getting your hands on some honey is to find bees and a beehive or nest. You can only find these in wild when you search biomes such as plains, sunflower plains, or flower forests. Within these areas, you can find hives or nests on trees such as oak and birch. The bees surrounding the area will be a dead giveaway that you’re in the right direction.

When you reach hives, you can break them but you likely won’t yield any material. Before you break or harvest, you need to make sure there is honey underneath, and you’ll be able to hear the sound of dripping as well. You can harvest this with a glass bottle and you can even sheer some of the beehive to pick up honeycomb. You can keep searching for honey this way, or you can also farm.

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To start farming your own honey in Minecraft, you’ll need three honeycombs and six wooden planks. Use these to craft some hives and ensure that your farm is full of flowers. Bees from the hive will continuously fill up the hive with honey and placing a bottle inside the hives will capture the Minecraft resource for you.

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