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How to Get Hammers in Squad Busters

Out of chests? Decorate that Plaza instead!

Hammers are a free and optional currency in Squad Busters. They are used to purchase cosmetics to brighten up your Plaza, especially when someone tries to take a peek at your profile and base. There are only a handful of ways to get Hammers and here’s the best way to get them in Squad Busters.

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Best Way to Get Hammers in Squad Busters

Since most of the cool-looking statues and Plaza decorations need thousands of Hammers, it’ll take some time to gather up enough Hammers to buy them. Squad Journeys, Gem Passes, and challenges contain Hammers in bulk, and it is the main way of getting Hammers.

If you don’t have the time or the money to invest in those areas, you have no choice but to play to get the Hammers. When you play a match, Hammer can also drop from random chests or even certain game modes. If you play the Piñata, Loot Goblin, Loot Critters, and other game modes that add loot to the match, you’ll have a chance to get Hammers.

When the Hammers drop, they only come in a few pieces. You can average roughly two to three Hammers per game, which is not ideal. However, it is unlimited! Unlike farming gold, Hammers is a farmable resource in Squad Busters. You can play matches until you can’t anymore.

If you see the Play button with a chest icon on top, these are your reward chests available. You can use one reward chest when playing a match, and it’ll use one charge. If this becomes zero, you can still play a match, but you won’t get a reward chest in the end. However, Hammers will still drop for you, which makes it an extremely grindy process.

There are other Squad Busters events that rotate where you can make use of this. Events like the Piñata Festival require you to collect Piñata Sticks to gain rewards. If you don’t have reward chests available, you can always go for these and get Hammers as a side objective.

If you are willing to spend a dollar or two, you can wait for daily, weekly, and exclusive deals that give you Hammers. Wait for the ones tagged with a discount so you know you are getting more value. Gem Passes should be the most efficient way to spend your money, and they also give you a fair amount of Hammers along with some of the best characters in the game, considering their price.

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