Data Processing Neural Circuits Farm in The First Descendant
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How to Get Data Processing Neural Circuits in The First Descendant

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The First Descendant offers an encyclopedic number of materials, most of which are used to research Descendants and Ultimate Weapons. Some materials are hard to find, especially rare ones like the Data Processing Neural Circuit. These only drop in specific missions and areas, and their usage is limited to a couple of crafts. Here’s how to get Data Processing Neural Circuits in The First Descendant.

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Where to Get Data Processing Neural Circuits in The First Descendant

Data Processing Neural Circuits drop from monsters in the Vespers region. Go to the Battlefield Missions, and the final boss will always drop the Data Processing Neural Circuits. Here’s a list of missions that drop the material in Vespers (Normal):

  • Front Line Base
  • Ruins Courtyard
  • Destroyed Temple
  • Captured Base
  • Lakeside
  • Old Surveillance Station
  • Ancient Giant Tree
  • Timberfall Power Facility

Almost every mission in the Vesper area drops the Data Processing Neural Circuits. However, the best mission to finish is the Front Line Base. It is near the Lumber Yard fast travel point. Once you fast travel to this area, the Front Line Base mission is a few seconds away from the spawn point.

The reason why it is fast is because it is an extermination mission. You only have to eliminate the enemies that spawn; once the wave gets eliminated, the next wave will start spawning again. Your speed depends on how fast you can eliminate the enemies, whereas, in different missions, you might have to go through timed objectives.

The Data Processing Neural Circuit drops from the final boss of the mission, so you still have to pick it up after the mission. Once it is over, you can fast travel to the Lumber Yard point and repeat it again. You can farm roughly 100+ Data Processing Neural Circuits in under 30 or 40 minutes.

What Are Data Processing Neural Circuits Used For?

Data Processing Neural Circuits are used in the following research or crafts:

NameData Processing Neural Circuits RequiredTypeResearch Time & Cost
Ultimate Lepic Spiral Catalyst107xUltimate Descendant Material18 hours; 450,000 gold
Valby Enhanced Cells48xDescendant Material8 hours; 200,000 gold
Smithereens Synthetic Fiber12xUltimate Weapon Material2 hours; 50,000 gold
Secret Garden Synthetic Fiber12xUltimate Weapon Material2 hours; 50,000 gold

You can unlock some Ultimate Weapon materials. If you like these Ultimate Weapons, you might need to farm more, so you can enhance the weapon’s ability by farming duplicates.

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