How to Get Curtis’ Garage Key in Dead Island 2

If the front door don't work, try try again.

There are a lot of random keys in Dead Island 2 you’ll need to collect. These will unlock various rooms, safes, and just about any other thing you could lock up in this apocalyptic world. So, how do you get Curtis’ garage key in Dead Island 2? We have that answer for you below. Check it out.

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How to Get Curtis’ Garage Key in Dead Island 2

So, this one is a bit strange because you don’t actually need the key to get into the garage. Once you’ve located Curtis’ garage, head around the side where all of the cars are.

Now hit the button between the doors to open up the left garage door. Now break the boxes labeled “Fragile,” and you’ll notice a space behind them you can crouch through.

From here, you’ll be inside of Curtis’ garage, and you’ll be able to open the door from the other side.

Open up everything in the room to get the Reinforced Blueprint mod, weapons, and crafting materials. There’s nothing crazy in this room, but you’ll be happy to have finally figured out the secret of Curtis’ garage key.

Once you’ve picked up the keys you can unlock the door from either side. You’ll now have access to this workbench when no zombies are around. Come back from time to time to check in and see if any new resources have spawned around the area and use them to upgrade your tools and items.

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There’s plenty to do in this area around Curtis’ house, including a side quests and a few special zombies with other keys on them.

Well, that’s everything you need to know about how to get Curtis’ garage key in Dead Island 2. We have plenty of useful guides on Dead Island 2 for you. So be sure to stick around and take a look. If you’re having trouble with finding Curtis’ valuables safe key, we have that guide for you too.

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