How to Get Chromatic Seal in New World

You'll need time, patience, and more time to upgrade your gear fully.

New World Chromatic Seal
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With the introduction of New World’s Rise of the Angry Earth expansion pack, we can experience plenty of content, from story quest additions to exclusive mounts. We also see the brand new Artifact rarity that takes the previous 600 gear score limit and skyrockets it to 700. If you want to max out your gear score, you’ll have to get your hands on some specific crafting materials, including the legendary Chromatic Seal. Let’s explore how to get Chromatic Seal in New World.

Where to Find Chromatic Seal in New World

You can purchase Chromatic Seal from any faction vendor if you own the Rise of the Angry Earth expansion pack and reach the sixth reputation level. Upon getting your faction’s sixth tier, you can buy one Chromatic Seal every 24 hours for 20,000 faction points and 5,000 gold.

The faction ranks you must reach to unlock the Chromatic Seal are as follows:

  • Syndicate: Magus
  • Marauder: Marshall
  • Covenant: Paladin

In other words, even if you have enough money and points for more, you’re limited to purchasing one seal daily. However, once you buy the expansion and upgrade your faction rank, you have free reign to buy them every day. It also does not matter if you’re a Marauder, Syndicate, or Covenant member; every faction can access Chromatic Seal for the same price.

What Is Chromatic Seal Used for in New World?

Chromatic Seal is a legendary crafting resource used to upgrade your gear so it can reach Gear Score 700. In particular, you can use the seals on named items alongside Gypsum Orbs and Dark Matter to upgrade them or use them on Artifact items to upgrade them.

However, many of these upgrades require at least three Chromatic Seals or three real-world days’ worth of supplies. If you want multiple upgrades, you’ll have to log on daily for days or weeks to get the faction points and seals you need.

New World is available to play on PC. If you’re eager to log on and start upgrading your gear, check out our best New World Greatsword build guide or click the game tag below to browse our growing article collection.

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