Best New World Greatsword Build Guide (2023)

A great build with a great sword!

New World Greatsword Build Guide
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Added as part of the Brimstone Sands content update, the Greatsword is a fantastic two-handed weapon in New World capable of dealing high amounts of damage rather slowly. Its massive size is comical, and its movement speed is surprisingly lightfooted, but it’s a force to be reckoned with in the right hands. With this best New World Greatsword build guide for 2023, those right hands could be yours!

Crafting the Best New World Greatsword Build

As the largest two-handed weapon in New World, it’s no surprise to anyone that the Greatsword focused on Strength and Dexterity. As its size would indicate, this two-handed sword is capable of dealing exceptional damage to multiple enemies with a single swing. Furthermore, it’s the weapon of choice for most tank builds in New World.

High damage of any weaponOnly benefits from a focused build
Easy to learn and useRequires a fast secondary, like the hatchet or rapier
Fantastic against groups and when closing gapsDoesn’t offer many defensive skills
Numerous debuffs available, including RendRequires a lot of stamina to use
Great for tank buildsDifficult to master

The Greatsword excels at both PvE and PvP, as despite its enormous size, it is relatively mobile and provides effective single-target and group damage.

Greatsword PvE Build

New World Tribunal Greatsword
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Numerous build options exist for a Greatsword focusing on PvE, though the tank build is the most common.

  • Steadfast Strike: A fast and versatile attack against single-target opponents that deals adequate damage with the initial thrust but massive damage when the weapon is pulled back. Steadfast Strike is an excellent way to stagger enemies while providing healing and cooldown reduction buffs.
  • Roaring Rupture: When dealing with mobs, Roaring Rupture is the go-to area-of-effect attack for Greatsword tanks. The attack involves stabbing the sword into the ground to create a shockwave that deals 120% weapon damage and provides 8% fortify for 5 seconds for every enemy hit.
  • Skyward Slash: Skyward Slash is a fast attack that deals 80% weapon damage, staggers enemies, and provides up to 3 stacks of Rend when paired with the Onslaught Stance.

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Greatsword PvP Build

New World Brimstone Sands Update
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Regarding PvP, the Greatsword excels at clearing entire groups of players in close quarters. To make arena battles easier, focus on the following skills:

  • Relentless Rush: Relentless Rush deals area-of-effect damage made many times better and more effective by pairing it with Onslaught to root a single enemy in place.
  • Skyward Slash: An upward slash attack dealing 80% weapon damage, staggering enemies, and causing 2 stacks of 5% Rend over 10 seconds. When paired with Onslaught, Skyward Slash increases the amount of Rend to 3 stacks.
  • Steadfast Strike: An excellent damage-dealing attack for single-target encounters, Steadfast Strike deals 70% weapon damage while leaping forward and impaling the opponent. Pulling the blade out deals an additional 120% weapon damage for a quick one-two hit.

Best Farming Spots to Level Greatsword Fast

To maximize the possibilities of any build in New World, you need to focus on increasing the level of each weapon. In this case, the Greatsword.

To level the Greatsword faster, consider farming the following spots:

  • Misty Borough (Great Cleave)
  • Slumbering Echoes (Great Cleave)
  • Oceanview Post (Restless Shore)
  • Brightwood Isle (Brightwood)

These areas are filled with enemies, including elites, that your Greatsword will make quick work of.

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