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How to Get Brown Mushrooms in Minecraft

Not green, not blue, not orange.

As an avid player of Minecraft, you constantly want to acquire new resources to help you with whatever you have going on. It starts simply with wood being very valuable, though can grow to gathering End Crystals for respawning the Ender Dragon. It’s an expansive game, with its potential merely limited by your imagination. One such item doesn’t have a major impact on how you play Minecraft, but can still be nice to have a large amount. Here’s how to get Brown Mushrooms in Minecraft.

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Where to Get Brown Mushrooms in Minecraft

Like many things in Minecraft, there’s a good handful of ways to secure some Brown Mushrooms. The most common way is by finding a giant brown mushroom and breaking its blocks. These can be found either in Mooshroom biomes or scattered across Dark Oak forests. Breaking these blocks without a silk touch tool can yield a few Brown Mushrooms for yourself. Other ways include finding them in caves naturally, trading for them at a Wandering Trader, or shearing a Brown Mooshroom (though it’ll turn into a Cow if you do this).

As for its uses, Brown Mushrooms are used in several recipes. They can be used to help create Fermented Spider Eyes, Mushroom Stew, Rabbit Stew, and Suspicious Stew. It can also be turned into a giant Brown Mushroom with bonemeal, making a renewable source. Finally, it can be used in a Composter to make more bonemeal. Otherwise, it can make for a nice little decoration when placed in a Flower Pot.

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While Brown Mushrooms aren’t the most useful item in the game, having them is always a nice bonus. Mushroom Stew can be quite the great source of food too, albeit with it taking up a lot of space in your inventory. Rest assured that with some proper care, you’ll have infinite Brown Mushrooms in no time. You can even see them in ray traced glory by checking out Minecraft in ray tracing.

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