How to Get Animal Head Trophies in Sons of the Forest

Inb4 rabbit's foot as a good luck charm

Animal Head Trophy Mount in Sons of the Forest
Screenshot by Prima Games

Sons of the Forest Patch 07 has brought us the ability to decorate our home (or rather, our base) with various head trophies from animals that inhabit the vast island in Sons of the Forest. The process of getting animals’ head trophies is not very difficult and I will be honored to show the process to you. You’d be amazed at how much the visual appeal of your house in Sons of the Forest can be improved with these trophies. So, without further ado, here’s how to get these animal head trophies in SotF.

How to Obtain an Animal Head Trophy in Sons of the Forest

First things first, you need a knife. Luckily, Sons of the Forest grants it to you immediately upon crashing from the helicopter. So, just make sure you don’t lose it. The next step is to find a poor animal in the wild. Depending on your preference, you may be going for a Moose, Deer, Rabbit, or maybe all of them, if you’re a Valheim-inspired player that is big on house decoration. If you want to see what else is new in Patch 07 for Sons of the Forest check out our Patch Notes article.

After the unsuspecting misfortunate virtual animal has been slain, you can approach it and commence the usual skinning and gutting process by holding the interaction key (default “E”). Upon finishing the process, you will be offered a trophy as a pickup. Check out the screenshot below for further clarification.

Screenshot by Prima Games

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How to Place an Animal Head Trophy in Your House in Sons of the Forest

Once you have an animal trophy, the next logical thing is to hang it up on a wall. However, you’ll need one more thing in order to do that. It’s called a Head Trophy Mount.

In your build menu, open the Furniture section, and then scroll until you find the necessary trophy head mount (as seen in the feature image at the top of the article).

For this, you will need a simple stick. Then, you will need to place this improvised nail somewhere on a wooden surface. You can place it outside of your home, inside of your home, or wherever you see fit.

After you do that, you need to press the interact button at the mount, which will open the bag and show you which trophies you have available. I have made some screenshots of the process which are available below:

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Rabbit Head Sons of the Forest Trophy
Screenshot by Prima Games

After clicking your left mouse button, the trophy will be yeeted at the mount, and it will look like this:

Screenshot by Prima Games

There you have it, now you can further decorate your base at your will. In case you need more tips for Sons of the Forest, feel free to check out How to Make a Spring Trap in Sons of the Forest, How to Get the Night Vision Goggles in Sons of the Forest, and many more guides we have here at Prima Games, by clicking the Sons of the Forest game tag below. I wish you a happy decorating spree!

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