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How to Make a Spring Trap in Sons of the Forest

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by Nikola L

Building traps and bases is a fun aspect of Sons of the Forest and, with the new Patch Update 03, you can now create your very own Spring Trap so that you can bounce your enemies or yourself (*cough* your friends *cough*) on the server. Prima Games will show you how to make your very own Spring Trap in Sons of the Forest.

How to Craft a Spring Trap in Sons of the Forest

The crafting recipe for the Spring Trap in Sons of the Forest is fairly simple:

  • 7x Sticks
  • 1x Turtle Shell
  • 2x Wire

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In order to make the Spring Trap, you need to open the Build Menu (B is the default key) and then hold X (default key) to switch the mode. Then, you need to find the “Traps” section. Upon opening it, you will see the Spring Trap. Click it and the Spring Trap will be crafted for you. Now, all you need to do is… find a place where you’ll set it! The white outline indicates that it can be placed, while the red outline indicates that it’s not possible to plant it.

How to Use the Spring Trap in Sons of the Forest

Well, two uses come to mind; 1) to bounce yourself up to places where you can’t reach with a regular jump and 2) to plant these around your base so that the hordes of cannibals and demons can impale themselves on spikes that you planted behind the Spring Trap.

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Spring Trap has a single charge, but you can reset it for free like any other trap in Sons of the Forest.

That’s all for this guide, folks! Check out our Sons of the Forest tag for more guides and news about Sons of the Forest. See you soon at Prima Games!

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