Cat Piece Codes (December 2023)

Defeat all the Cat Thugs with the help of Cat Piece codes!

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Updated December 10, 2023: On the lookout for the most recent codes!

A game based on my favorite anime but with a feline twist? Sign me up! I spent hours playing this fun One-Piece-inspired Roblox experience, and while the first few fights with Cat Thugs were easy, I needed to call Cat Piece codes for help to win as the game progressed.

Thanks to Diamonds, Stat Resets, Geli, and other cool goodies I got after redeeming Cat Piece codes, I was able to enhance my character’s stats and defeat all the enemies effortlessly. If you’re on a mission to try out all games inspired by One Piece, check out our Last Pirate Codes article to learn how to claim freebies in that game as well!

All Cat Piece Codes List

Cat Piece Codes (Working)

  • CHRISTMASRESET – x1 Stat Reset (New)
  • Sorry – x1 Stat Reset and x7 Diamonds
  • sevenstatreset – x1 Stat Reset and x7 Diamonds
  • LOFIJIAN_IS_COOL – x100 Diamonds
  • STATRESET7Q – x7 Diamonds and x1 Stat Reset
  • 1V1UPDATESTATRESET – x1 Stat Reset
  • catpiecesucks – x1 Stat Reset and Geli
  • DEADLY1 – Geli
  • UPDATE1.1STATRESET – x1 Stat Reset
  • 7QSTATRESET – x1 Stat Reset
  • 70DSTATRESETCATPIECE – x70 Diamonds and x1 Stat Reset
  • SpiderVerse – x1 Stat Reset
  • 7QUESTSTUDIOYOUTUBE – x1 million Geli
  • MEOW – Drop Chance Boost
  • SUB2DEADLYKRZ – x10 million Geli

Cat Piece Codes (Expired)

  • 5KV500KG
  • 7HUPV700T
  • GG100M!
  • 5KGMTY10M
  • 1KLNICE50M!
  • MEOW!
  • SUB2DEADLY_KRZ: x2 million Geli
  • 100KG2KVZ

How to Redeem Codes in Cat Piece

To redeem Cat Piece codes, you should follow the steps below:

How to redeem codes in Cat Piece
Screenshot by Prima Games
  1. Open Cat Piece in Roblox.
  2. Click on the Menu button on the left side of your screen.
  3. Select Codes.
  4. Enter the code into the Type your code here text box.
  5. Click Redeem.

How Can You Get More Cat Piece Codes?

We look for the latest Cat Piece codes every day to make sure our lists are up-to-date, so the easiest way to get all the newest drops is by bookmarking our article and checking it out every few days.

If you’d still like to search for codes on your own or maybe find other game-related details, you can do so by:

Why Are My Cat Piece Codes Not Working?

Since most Cat Piece codes contain both numbers and letters (some even have special characters), the most probable reason why you can’t claim freebies is incorrect spelling. Copy the codes from our list and paste them into the Type your code here text box to avoid typos and type-related problems when redeeming codes.

If you still didn’t get any goodies, the code in question might no longer be redeemable. Developers don’t announce how long codes will remain active, so act quickly and don’t miss any chances to get cool freebies. In case you discover an invalid code on our list of active ones, let us know so we can move the code into the Expired section.

Other Ways to Get Free Rewards in Cat Piece

If redeeming Cat Piece codes wasn’t enough, you can collect Fruit that appears randomly every ten minutes. You will have to explore the map since Fruit usually appears in strange places. Another option to get Fruit is to spin the Gacha Wheel that’s located near the spawn point.

What Is Cat Piece?

Cat Piece is an action RPG on Roblox that’s inspired by the super popular anime One Piece. As opposed to other games based on this title, your main enemies in the game are none other than Cat Thugs! Solve quests to level up your character, and explore all the islands while climbing the leaderboards.

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