Last Pirate Codes (December 2023)

Use these Last Pirate codes to get free rewards!

Last Pirate in-game
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Updated December 4, 2023: We looked for more codes!

If you are like me and you love One Piecethemed Roblox games, then give Last Pirate a try. In this game, you can boost your character with skill points and become the King of the Pirates while exploring open seas and faraway islands.

With Last Pirate codes, you can get Cash, Heart Gems, and even LP. I went on an epic journey to find the Collector who sells Fruit and items for LP, but you can use your points to reset stats or buy Fruit storage. If you want to test your skills in a different Roblox experience set in the world of One Piece, check out our A Piece Codes for Roblox article to get free goodies in that game as well!

All Last Pirate Codes List

Last Pirate Codes (Working)

  • SorryForShutdown – x1 Stat Reset (New)
  • WHENUPDATE– x1 Stat Reset (New)
  • RESET– x1 Stat Reset (New)
  • CANDY– x200 Candy
  • SorryForDelayUpdate – x1 Stat Reset
  • Trick or treat – x50 Candy
  • PuddingBumby – x5 LP (level 300+)
  • HALLOWEEN – x100 Candy
  • TORIREVAMP – x1 Stat Reset
  • UPDATEPART2 – x5 LP (level 300+)
  • UPDATE!! – x1 Stat Reset
  • EVENT! – x20k Beli
  • N5Animation – x1 Stat Reset
  • lamokukung03 – x25k Beli

Last Pirate Codes (Expired)

  • BigUpdate
  • FixBug
  • NewWorld
  • bleak
  • KongPoop
  • Katana
  • OatCasterCh
  • Saber
  • Snappy
  • Stranger
  • Cathunt
  • Update!
  • SmolEsan
  • UPDATE!!
  • HxW
  • snowman
  • 10MVisits
  • Rosaki
  • CarinaCaxtez
  • FreeGem
  • Code
  • 25KVisit
  • Chxmei
  • 5Chiba
  • Juan
  • Bisento
  • N4Animation
  • Checkmate
  • Bisentov2
  • 10KVisit
  • 111KFAV
  • Vezxter
  • 3MVisits
  • PixelJoe
  • Odyssey
  • Ruriair
  • Event
  • Yoru
  • Greed
  • Dream
  • iSEN
  • Bleak_fat
  • 100KFAV
  • DIW_TW

How to Redeem Codes in Last Pirate

Redeeming codes in Last Pirate is a short and easy procedure. For those who are just starting out in the game, here are the steps to follow:

How to Redeem Codes in Last Pirate
Screenshot by Prima Games
  1. Launch Last Pirate in Roblox.
  2. Click on the Code button at the bottom of the screen.
  3. Type the code into the ??? text box.
  4. Click Redeem to claim your rewards!

How Can You Get More Last Pirate Codes?

You can find Last Pirate codes by joining the official Last Pirate Discord channel. This social account is an excellent resource for staying up-to-date with codes and other information about this Roblox experience. However, browsing through unrelated Discord messages can get annoying, so the best way to get all the latest codes is to bookmark this article and come back from time to time. We are searching for new codes daily, and we will update our list as soon as we find some!

Why Are My Last Pirate Codes Not Working?

A typo could be the reason behind your unsuccessful attempts to use a specific Last Pirates code. We advise you to copy and paste the codes from this page straight into the game to prevent any errors. It’s easy to overlook a capital letter or mistake a number for a letter.

Also, keep in mind that the code has probably been removed from the game if it doesn’t work or if it indicates the code is expired. Let us know in the comments below so we can update the information.

How to Get Other Rewards in Last Pirate?

If you have already redeemed all Last Pirate codes and you want more prizes, log in every day to get your Daily Rewards. You can get Cash, Fruit, and more, so make sure to keep your streak. LP and Fruit spawn every hour randomly around the map, so look under the trees to find some goodies. If you have 1,500 Robux to spare, you can even get a Fruit Notifier to help you in your search.

What Is Last Pirate?

Last Pirate is a One-Pieceinspired Roblox RPG title where you level up your character and complete quests to become stronger and be the best Pirate in the world. You start by taking easy quests from NPCs, like defeating level-one Bandits. As you progress, your enemies will become stronger, and you will get to fight multiple bosses and even Sea Beasts. Dungeon Raids are a fun way to enjoy this game with friends, as you can do Solo, Duo, Trio, or Quad instances.

For more Roblox codes, visit our dedicated Roblox Codes section, as we have a ton of freebies for all your favorite games just waiting for you to grab them!

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