How to Get and Use the Spur Gears in Genshin Impact

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Mek Object in Genshin Impact
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There are a number of odd quests to complete all throughout Fontaine in Genshin Impact, with some requiring you to sit at an artist’s setup for a day and others that require blowing up a hilichurl camp. In order to unlock the hidden achievement, Undocumented Feature, the latter is exactly what you’re going to need to do. 

Where to Find All Spur Gears in Genshin Impact

Spur Gear Map Locations in Genshin Impact
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Near the corner of the Central Laboratory Ruins is a formation of hilichurl camps broken off into three main sections. When engaging in battle with some of these enemies, you’ll note that the chests give Spur Gears labeled A, B, and C instead of the usual rewards. These gears can be used to gain a bigger prize if you look for the right area to place them. 

Where to Get Spur Gear A

The first location can be identified by the treasure chest being outside the first camp you’ll come across if you take the Fontaine Research Institution of Kinetic Energy Engineering Region Way Point. Long name for a simple teleport, but you can also follow the directions as depicted on the map above. After defeating the enemies to clear up the space a little bit, you’ll notice that the chest will not yield any rewards right off the bat. And that is because this requires a puzzle for it to be solved.

Next to the large hilichurl camp is a small tent to the right that holds an Energy Transfer Device. Take this Device back to the main camp in the vicinity to activate the Stabilizer inside the hilichurl building. After solving the puzzle by hitting the device exactly when the rotator is in the highlighted areas, the treasure chest will be unlocked and grant you your first Gear.

Where to Get Spur Gear B

Heading to the southernmost camp will lead you to two tricky adversaries, Hilichurl Rogues, and a few other hilichurls. The objective here, however, is much simpler than before where all you need to do is defeat all of the enemies in the area. There are also Meks within cages, however just because you rescued them from the hilichurls doesn’t mean they’ll come up to you with purrs and cuddles. Nope, once the Rogues are defeated, the Meks will be released from their cages and immediately make way to attack you. Once these are defeated in your second round of battle, the treasure chest in the area will unlock and you will gain your second Spur Gear.

Where to Get Spur Gear C

The third Spur Gear is a bit of a tricky one. This treasure chest can be located just east of where you found Spur Gear A next to the giant replica of some Mek. In the hilichurl hut just next to it, you’ll note that even defeating all of the enemies will not unlock the chest, and neither will completing the Challenge beacon just outside. But the Challenge beacon does give you a hint. By destroying all of the pots within the hilichurl hut, this will eventually lead to the treasure chest unlocking and gifting you with the last gear you need. 

Where to Use All Spur Gears in Genshin Impact and Gain The Achievement

Now you can either climb up the makeshift Mek the old-fashioned way or you can walk up to the mini Mek scarecrow you see just beside the hilichurl hut. Interacting with it by rotating the device on its chest will begin to water the plants nearby and out pops a Hydro Slime. Defeating this enemy will grant you a Hydro Teleport that will warp you up to the top of the Mek next to an Arkhium Stock. 

Once you’re at the top of the Mek, there’s a grated area that you’re able to interact with. It is here that you’ll set up the gears that you’ve collected and once you confirm their placement, in their place will be a pile of fireworks. Initially, they won’t do anything but normally these type of things require a trigger. Bring along a Pyro character and light up the rockets before retreating to a safe distance to enjoy the show.

Once the event is complete, you can return to the top of the Mek where there will be a Precious Chest waiting for you as well as the hidden Achievement Undocumented Feature.

This is a pretty easy puzzle to figure out, ignoring all the reading materials in the area since they are very long, not voiced, and I personally have a short attention span. There are still plenty of other hidden achievements out in Genshin Impact so be sure to check out how to get the Eight Evil Knights hidden achievement by visiting this link here. And for more news and guides on your favorite gacha game, Genshin Impact, don’t forget to check out the game tag just below this article.

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