Where to Find and Use Energy Concentrating Components in Genshin Impact

Picking a fight may not always be a bad thing

Underwater Cavern in the Fontaine Research Institute in Genshin Impact
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Fontaine is full of surprises and puzzles with the Energy Concentrating Components being one of them. Just one or two won’t be enough however, and so here’s where you can find all eight Components, as well as where to take them for a nice prize and a hidden achievement.

Where to Find the All Energy Concentrating Components in Genshin Impact

There are five different locations where you will go to battle Meks, known as Imperfect Meks or Knights as the achievement will later reveal. Coming across these Meks will display a boss gauge at the top of the screen whenever you encounter these particular enemies. Defeating them will drop the usual Mek items and the player will retrieve the Energy Concentrating Component item. 

This guide only indicates the Energy Concentrating Components which can be found outside the quest called Road to Singularity, as following that quest will grant you two Energy Concentrating Components later in the quest. This will help you to gather all of the components outside of the mission, before doing Road to Singularity, as you will need a location that can only be unlocked by finishing the quest. If you have already done the quest, then there is a follow-up to where you can take another passageway to get back to the Workshop.

First Location – Mont Esus East

Head to the Mont Esus East island and travel to the top corner of the map where the dilapidated ruins remain. Part of these ruins will lead up to a crumbling bridge where players can discover a remaining machine that needs to be activated with Ousia. There is an Ousia Block floating on the bridge just before the player approaches, but you can also bring in a character such as Lynette to attack the mechanism and deploy Ousia energy from their attack. Doing so will start the battle with a Mek enemy that when defeated will drop the first of the Energy Concentrating Components you need.

Second Location – Underwater Sunken Ship

The next area can be easily reached by traveling to the Way Point in the Liffey Region, just underneath where the Millennial Pearl Seahorse Boss Icon is displayed on the map. Being underwater, you won’t be able to use the same battle mechanics you do above ground, so before you encounter this next Mek, you’ll want to grab the Transoceanic Sourcewater Ability from the nearby Jellyfish that is floating just to the left of the Way Point whenever you teleport in. 

The next Mek boss you’ll encounter is just north of the waypoint or behind you when you teleport in, lingering amongst the ruins of a ship. The boss gauge will appear above and there may be other enemies in the area, so be careful to watch your health and avoid the other attacks. To paralyze these enemies, you can bring Fontaine characters with either Pneuma or Ousia in order to attack the Meks and make the battle a lot easier.

Third Location – Hidden Underground

The next location can be found underground. By using the pathway or waypoint that will lead you to the Millennial Pearl Seahorse boss arena, there is a pathway within that cave that will lead you to a network of underground pathways just underneath the Fontaine Research Institution. Taking the water pool at the back of the boss arena, this will lead the player into a new area where that opens up into a series of pipelines and cave systems. But before you go exploring, there’s a Mek just past the abandoned fishing pole at a nearby tent area. Like the previous enemies, they’ll drop one of the Components you need once they are defeated.

Fourth Location – Outskirts of the New Research Institute

Going back above ground, the next Way Point you’re going to want to visit is one located at the north side of the New Fontaine Research Institute island. Just beside it is a small pond that you can locate to the right once you teleport in. On the map, you can see that it is just to the left of the waypoint where there will be two Meks hanging out in the area. 

Fifth Location – Out in the Plains behind the Fontaine Court

The last of these locations you’ll visit for the Components is just behind the Statue of the Seven in the Liffey Region just south of the Mont Esus East island. Or to avoid having to climb around the mountain, you can go to the Court of Fontaine Region Way Point which is near the Fontaine Weapon Drops Domain. Either way, by heading towards where the waterway that transports people around Fontaine ends, there will be a large Mek in that area. Defeating them will yield the last of the Components that you need before heading to the area where they will be utilized.

Where to Bring Your Energy Concentrating Components

In order to access the area where you will bring the Energy Concentrating Components, you will need to have completed the mission Road to the Singularity. This will give you access to Kuisel’s Clockwork Workshop in the underground around the area of Fontaine’s Research Institute. 

If the Quest is already completed, to get back to the workshop, you can take the pathway in the back caverns of the Millennial Pearl Seahorse Boss Arena. By taking these waterways, you will want to take the passageway to the left of the Mek that you battled earlier up the metal platforms (From the Third Location). By then taking another waterway, you will gain access to a Jellyfish that you can use to open and close the gates to pass through. Once you ascend in the water just beyond that you will be able to discover the mechanics that require all of the Energy Concentrating Components for your reward of a Luxurious Chest as well as the hidden achievement, The Worst! Fontaine’s Eight Evil Clockwork Knights!

With so many hidden achievements around Fontaine, you’re going to need to make sure you have all the world quests done. Check out our guide on how to navigate the long World Quest of Unfinished Comedy to unlock even more Hidden Achievements and puzzles to explore in Genshin Impact.

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