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Genshin Impact Unfinished Comedy featured

Genshin Impact Unfinished Comedy Quest Guide

The comedy never ends

Fontaine is going wild on its latest World Quests, and Unfinished Comedy is one of them. And that’s quite an appropriate name as it seems like this extended quest never ends. This tale taking place at the Fortress of Meropide ties to some of the other World Quests in the region, so you should definitely complete it as soon as possible if you’re following their stories. Here’s our guide for the Unfinished Comedy quest in Genshin Impact.

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Genshin Impact: Unfinished Comedy Quest Location

You can start this quest by being detained and brought to the Fortress of Meropide against your will. You do this by standing in front of the underwater headlights in the Liffey Region for five seconds. The Traveler is immediately detained and the quest begins.


As soon as the quest starts, you’ll be asked if you want to suspend it so you can complete other quests first. The Unfinished Comedy line overlaps with 4.1 Archon Quests, so it’s your choice of which of them you want to finish first.

The Unfinished Comedy quest line is divided into three steps, and you’re often forced to complete other minor quests along the way to proceed.

Game of the Rich Guide

After being locked down in the fortress for the crime of…standing too long in front of the lights (?), it’s time to wander around and meet who else is living here in the Fortress. You meet some figures like Darcy, the guards Estienne and Noailles, and the little girl Lanoire. Keep following her on her “adventure” through the Fortress so you can get used to this area. You’ll need it soon enough.

Hit the punching bag when you get to it to proceed. You’ll be seeing more of these while in the Fortress, so be sure to always hit them. Sometimes you’ll get some easy rewards for doing so. Lanoire takes you to lunch, but once the Traveler and Paimon get some not-ideal meals, she brings you to the Rag and Bone shop to give you something nice.


This shop works on Credit Coupons, which you can only obtain and use inside the Fortress. It will be marked on the map, so you can come back later to get some goods.

After eating, she wants you to meet her friend Cater, short for Caterpillar. Follow the way to the elevator and activate the nearby Waypoint as you’ll be coming back here often. The boy will suggest you participate in the Coupon Millionaire game in order to bring Lanoire to her family outside. He has a plan, but you all have to work hard for it to work.

Sleep tightly in the bed in the room and get ready for the next day. From here on, your objective will be to complete various Side Quests to get Coupons and win the competition. Not all of them will be necessary, but you might wanna do them all at some point anyway.

The first quest will be Scenes from Life in Meropide: Safe Operation. Jump all the way back to the first level and look for the Waypoint next to an elevator going down. Enter the elevator and keep following your way down until you meet a strange compass-like device at the center of a room. Approach the control panels and hit “Stop” once the hands are looking like this:

Grab the smaller gear at the left side (the one that isn’t pointing at the door) and go through the entrance that just opened. Place the gear on the vague space and run the panel. Just do the same: hit “Stop” once it’s pointing at the entrance. Speak with Mitul at the entrance that just opened and this quest is done!

Go back to Caterpillar’s room (right next to the waypoint in the Administrative Area) and speak with him. Results aren’t good enough just yet, so you gotta try harder the next day. Sleep again and get ready.


Each Scenes from Life in Meropide quest is quite simple by itself, but you can check exact locations and more details by heading to our dedicated article.

The routine will be the same here. From this day onward, looking at the board is your way to find the next quests’ locations, which will give you the amount of coupons for that particular day. On this first day, the quest is fortunately on the same floor as the dorm room:

Speak with Galvaryet to get the quest Scenes from Life in Meropide: Dead End, and make sure to open the chest you find on your way to the objective to get enough coupons for the day. The quest requires activating the panels by bringing the energy lamp found downstairs next to it.

Return to the dorm (after some conversations with other NPCs) to get the new results. Have a quick rest and get ready to repeat the same sleep > questing routine on the next day.

You have Scenes from Life in Meropide: Fists of Fury in the Administrative Area level and Scenes from Life in Meropide: A Raw Deal at the Dormitory Block, while Scenes from Life in Meropide: Treat the Symptoms is located in the Production Zone: Lower Level. Completing any of the two gives you enough Coupons for the day, so just pick any of the two (you can complete the third later) to get over with this quest quickly.

Even with all of your hard work, this is still not enough. During the next day, you get two more tasks: Scenes from Life in Meropide: Chit-Chat in the Administrative Area (right in front of Caterpillar’s dorm) and Scenes from Life in Meropide: Unfinished Task, which you can obtain by disabling the machine in the Production Zone Upper Level.

After completing both of these (or getting your Coupons through chests or similar methods) and having a whole lot of conversations, head for the Administration Area to see the final results. Caterpillar comes in clutch to give us a whopping two million extra Coupons! Victory is ours, and so are the quest’s rewards as the first step is finally done!

An Eye for an Eye Guide

In the questline’s second act, you’re finally free from the Fortress… at least for a few minutes, because Noailles is determined to detain you despite winning fair and square. Bring down the Meka guards until Caterpillar reveals his true form to you. He will aid you in battle, but all you can do is get rid of these enemies for a while.

Despite all of your efforts, you’ll end up locked in the Fortress once again. Go back to Caterpillar’s room and he’ll tell you about his new escape plan. Tell him when you’re ready and prepare to sneak around these guards.

Immediately drop down to a lower level and enable the searchlights to draw the guard’s attention. Sneak past him and take the elevator to proceed. When reaching the floor filled with guard Mekas, you can swiftly pass through all of them by sneaking behind the pillars to your left. As long as their eye gauge isn’t filled, you’re good to go.

To distract the next guard, interact with the panel next to the red energy bar. While operating the machine, pull energy from the energy bar above the cart and change your view by interacting with the red lantern above it. Use that energy in the bar next to the teleport and the guard will leave his post. This is your chance to escape.

The next room will give you another Gear puzzle. Hit “Stop” once it looks exactly like this:

Pull any of the leftover gears and bring it to the room that just opened. Grab the energy block and place it next to the panel to activate it. Now just like you did back at the beginning of the quest, hit “Stop” once it points to the locked door.

You’ll finally reach the Geode Mine Shaft. Your final objective here will be to grab the three energy bars and place them next to the panels without getting caught by the Flying Energy Thieves (those pesky balls running around the area).

While this is a labyrinth, keep your eyes on your minimap and this will be a walk in the park. Just don’t get hit by the bubbles while holding energy or you’ll drop it.

After you complete all three panels, Noailles shows up to stop you again, but he’s alone this time. Beat him up and you’re finally free to go. Oh, and this concludes this quest too!

Hereafter Quest Guide

The final step is mostly just conversations. Now that you’re free, it’s time to bring Lanoire to her family. Her grandpa is no one other than Earnshaw, the old man living at the shack on the outskirts of Fontaine who hates people stepping on his grass. Head there and witness their late reunion.

Once everything is set and done, speak with Caterpillar one more time and he’ll tell you more about his true origins. Surprise, he’s also related to the Narzissenkreuz Ordo! But that’s something for another quest, as this one is finally done!

The total rewards for that huge questline include x290 Primogems, including the ones from all sidequests unlocked here. You also get access to the follow-up quests in the Narzissenkreuz Ordo, so head there if you’ve already found your way to it!

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