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How to Get and Use Firewood in Sons of the Forest

Keep yourself warm during the coldest winter nights

by Madison Benson
Firewood in Sons of the Forest

A fire is one of the first things you need in many survival situations. Sons of the Forest is no exception, with a basic fire being among the first things you’ll create to help you survive on your cannibal-infested island. While sure, you can throw a few sticks on the floor and call it a day, using firewood will help you make a long-lasting fire that you won’t have to tend to constantly. If you’d like to learn more, continue reading to discover how to get and use firewood in Sons of the Forest.

How to Get and Use Firewood in Sons of the Forest

There are three main steps to getting and using firewood: Get the wood, make the proper campfire and toss the logs on top. Getting firewood is only half the battle!

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To obtain firewood, chop down a tree and run over to the fallen logs. With your axe in hand, mouse over the wood until you see a red dotted line and click to cut the trunk in half. You’ll have to repeat this until you chop a small log into two halves.

Sons of the Forest Chopping Logs for Firewood

Making a Reinforced Campfire and Using Firewood

Once you have your half logs, you must make a campfire and place the firewood down. To do this, gather some sticks and put them on the ground. While one stick broke in half typically works for a small, basic fire, it won’t work this time: You’ll have to put an additional stick down to reinforce it. If you have some spare rocks, you can place them around the fire to strengthen it further.

After creating a reinforced campfire, take your firewood from before and bring it to the site. By mousing over the lit fire while holding the logs, you’ll see a white light outline indicating you can throw them onto the flame. Click on the fire to watch your character break the firewood in half again, tossing it onto the campfire. You can do this twice for maximum power!

Sons of the Forest is available on PC through Steam. If you would like to learn more about the game, check out How to Grow Plants in Sons of the Forest and How to Get Food in Sons of the Forest.

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