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How to Heal Kelvin in Sons of the Forest

We're getting Lydia (Skyrim) vibes from Kelvin, idk about you.

by Nikola L

Kelvin is your true bro in Sons of the Forest. Despite suffering hard from the damage his health took in the helicopter crash at the start of the game, he’s always there to offer his helping hand and do whatever you want him to.

He’s a true soldier and “da real MVP” of Sons of the Forest. Now, it’s time to give our love back to Kelvin and show a bunch of appreciation for everything he’s done for us and our camp without ever questioning our leadership capabilities. Prima Games will show you how to heal Kelvin in Sons of the Forest because we really don’t want to see Kelvin hurt.

Can You Heal Kelvin in Sons of the Forest?

Yes, it is possible to heal Kelvin in Sons of the Forest. If Kelvin falters due to damage taken, he will be in a “downed” state. Approach him and you’ll spot a medical cross above him; press and hold the indicated button to bring him back up. Same as what you did the first time you saw him after the helicopter crash.

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Can Kelvin Die in Sons of the Forest?

This is a grim reality that we must live in: Kelvin can definitely die in Sons of the Forest. This can happen if he is downed, and then takes enough additional damage from foes and/or the environment. And once he dies, it’s game over for him, and the only way you can save him from his demise is to “time travel” to a save file you hopefully made when he was still alive and kicking.

If you haven’t saved your game yet for any reason, here’s a video from our newly-revived Prima Games YouTube channel, which will walk you through how to do so. Make sure to also check out our Sons of the Forest tag for more SotF content. Until next time!

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