How to Get a STEM Degree in BitLife

All about picking the right major!

How to Get a STEM Degree in BitLife

Getting a college degree is an exciting part of life that often leads directly into a fulfilling long-term career. While this isn’t the case for everyone, it allows your BitLife character to pursue various jobs they otherwise couldn’t. One example is getting a STEM degree to become an astronaut! What does this mean, though? How do you get this degree type? That’s what we’re here to talk about today. To learn more, continue reading to discover how to get a STEM degree in BitLife.

What is a STEM Degree in BitLife?

STEM stands for science, technology, engineering and mathematics. When talking about a STEM degree, this means any degree that falls under these four categories.

BitLife is no exception: when you pick a university degree, you can choose from all kinds of different options, including these. Depending on which you go for, you’ll usually find corporate and engineering jobs after graduation. One of my BitLife characters who studied engineering became a pilot! Alternatively, you can go to a Space Academy and become an astronaut.

BitLife STEM Degree for Astronaut
My character became an astronaut with an engineering degree!

As shown in the image above, one of my characters became an astronaut after pursuing an engineering degree at university. No graduate school is required! I’ve also had characters who became programmers, financial analysts and professors after pursuing a STEM degree, among other professions.

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How to Get a STEM Degree in BitLife

To get a STEM degree in BitLife, you’ll have to apply to university and pick a science, technology, engineering or mathematics major. Personally, I always go for an engineering degree, but options like mathematics and chemistry also work.

University Degree Options in BitLife
Engineering is one of several options you can choose!

Every university degree in BitLife takes four years to complete, with tuition costs ranging from free public education to tens of thousands of dollars. If your character lives in a country with expensive tuition fees, be sure to work a part-time job or find ways to make some money to pay for your student loan! You can also apply for a scholarship, but you’re not guaranteed to get one, even with high stats. Make sure to keep your smart stats high to boost your chances!

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If you really want to get wild, you can also learn how to get rich in BitLife and never worry about your bank balance again.

Once you graduate with a science, technology, engineering or mathematics degree, you’ll officially be a STEM degree graduate eligible for Space Academy!

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