All Astronaut Technical Training Answers in BitLife!

So you want to be an astronaut?

Astronauts in BitLife

The Astronaut Special Career Pack has just been added to BitLife and it brings, as the name suggests, the Astronaut profession and everything that goes with it to this fun life simulator that never ceases to surprise us with its creative expansions. In order to be able to pursue this career, you will need to first purchase this pack for $6.99 or previously own the Boss Mode.

Of course, when you unlock the possibility of being an astronaut in BitLife, you need to actually get that job—which includes completing the Technical Training test, for which we bring you all the answers below.

How to Become an Astronaut in BitLife

How to get to the technical training test is explained in depth in our guide on the link below, but here’s a quick rundown for you. The steps you need to take to become an astronaut in BitLife are as follows:

  • Buy the Astronaut special career pack or own the Boss Mode.
  • Get a STEM degree and pilot’s license.
  • Go to Space Academy and train.
  • Apply to a Space Agency.

Answers for All Astronaut Technical Traning Questions in BitLife

When you finally have the Astronaut Technical Training test in front of you, as in every multiple choice test, the order of questions and the arrangement of answers will be randomized.

However, as the experienced cheaters on tests that you are, you probably already know how to use cheat sheets like this one, simply use CTRL+F in the browser to search for the question you need the answer for. If you are on mobile, use the search option in your browser to do the same, or just scroll down the next 47 questions and answers from the Astronaut Technical Training test. Good luck!

Astronaut Technical Traning Test Questions & Correct Answers

What is the name of our moon?The Moon
Who was the first person to step foot on the Moon?Neil Armstrong
What is the payload of a rocket?The cargo taken into space
What does a light-year measure?Distance
How many Earths can fit inside the Sun?One million
How many astronauts have set foot on the moon?12
What was the first mammal in space?A Dog
What is the reflective glass covering on an astronaut’s spacesuit called?A visor
What is the force that counteracts the Thrust force for flight?Drag
Which is the most common propellant for a rocket?Liquid Hydrogen
What is a Meteorite?Rock from space that hits Earth
How old is the Earth?About 4.5 billion years old
What is the official term for an astronaut’s spacesuit?An Extravehicular Mobility Unit
What is the term for the up and down movement of a Plane?Pitch Motion
How long does it take to travel from Earth to Moon?Three days
How often does the Earth revolve around the Sun?Once every 365 days
What makes it possible for the Earth to orbit the Sun?The Sun’s gravitational pull
How long does it take light from the Sun to reach Earth?About 8 minutes
The Great Red Spot Appears on which planet?Jupiter
What keeps astronauts in place when sleeping in zero gravity?Velcro
What is the purpose of the nose cone on a rocket?Reduce air resistance
What’s the name for the point at which nothing can escape a black hole’s gravitational pull?The event horizon
Where did the Moon Landing take place in 1969?The Sea of Tranquility
Which type of rocket engine is used to maneuver spacecraft during flight and adjust their trajectory?Maneuvering thrusters
Who invented the telescope?Hans Lippershey
What is the name of the device that astronauts wear to regulate the flow of oxygen and remove carbon dioxide while in space?Liquid Cooling & Ventilation Garment
What does the acronym LEO stand for?Low-Earth Orbit
At 450 degree Celsius, which planet is the hottest in the solar system?Venus
What makes it possible for Earth to orbit the Sun?Gravity
What is the force that causes the plane to fly?Lift
What is a constellation?A pattern of stars
Which instrument measures the mix and concentration of the air astronauts breathe inside a spacecraft?Oxygen sensor
What is the term for the left and right movement of a Plane?Yaw
What is the purpose of the solar panel on satellites?To power the satellite
What protective layer surrounds a rocket to protect it from the intense heat generated during re-entry into Earth’s atmosphere?The heat shield
What is the speed of Light?300 million meters per second
What is the name of the tool used by astronauts to collect samples of rock and soil from the surface of the moon?Rock Hammer
What type of spacecraft is used to transport astronauts from Earth to and from the International Space Station?Soyuz spacecraft
What keeps an astronaut attached to a spacecraft while on a spacewalk?A tether system
What is the name of the robotic arm used by astronauts to manipulate objects outside the spacecraft?Canadarm
What is the name of the machine that simulates the effect of gravity on the human body?Centrifuge
Which type of engine is used to maneuver spacecraft during flight and adjust their trajectory?Maneuvering thrusters
What is an astronaut’s maximum absorbency garment?It’s a diaper
What is the name of the galaxy that will collide with the Milky Way someday?Andromeda
How long does it take the space station to orbit once around Earth?90 minutes
Stars are fueled by the nuclear fusion of what gas?Hydrogen
What is the closest star to Earth?The Sun

That would be all the questions and answers we managed to collect trying to become astronauts in BitLife, study them well, you can learn something real from them!

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