How to Get 5-Star Stickers in Monopoly GO

Find the last card you need for your collections.

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Are you close to completing your next album but need one more four- or five-star sticker to finish it? Let’s talk about how to get five-star stickers in Monopoly GO.

How to Get 5-Star Stickers (Cards) in Monopoly GO

You can find five-star stickers in Monopoly GO by participating in events, completing quick wins milestones, and trading with other players. You can also open Stickers for Rewards chests if you have a high Net Worth and duplicate stickers.

However, obtaining five-star cards from events requires advancing far into a tournament’s reward list, while trading poses some risks.

Events and Tournaments

Most main Monopoly GO events, such as Epic Myths and Wall Street Wonders, have over 40 reward tiers you can claim, with five-star sticker packs available near the end. Furthermore, most events only give one five-star pack. Fortunately, this also means you are guaranteed to get at least one five-star sticker every few days as long as you gain enough points to claim the card pack.

Similarly, smaller events like Jungle Journey and Dot Com Dash also have a chance to give five-star packs with their tiered rewards, with the top three winners of each tournament also receiving a guaranteed gold card from five-star packs. As you’re participating in main events, collecting points toward tournaments can also net you some bonus stickers.

Quick Wins

An alternative method to obtaining five-star stickers is to complete your weekly quick wins milestones. You’ll often see at least one, sometimes two, five-star packs as a weekly prize.

You’ll earn points toward these rewards by completing your three daily quick wins, so log on each day to knock these out.

Trading With Other Players

If you have one specific card you’re looking for, trading stickers with others is a common but risky method.

Below are the exact steps to doing this:

  1. Select a sticker in your album.
  2. Tap “Send to Friend”.
  3. Pick a friend you wish to send your sticker to.

The exception is golden stickers, which require waiting until the next Golden Blitz event.

If none of your current friends have the sticker you’re looking for, you can use social media platforms like Discord, Reddit, and Facebook to connect with Monopoly GO trading communities.


Trades with players you don’t know comes at the risk of not getting a card in return – trade at your own risk!

Typically, these trades involve hopping on a social media platform and asking to trade stickers with someone. You both befriend each other, send your cards, and move on to the next trade.

However, you’ll have to be careful with this, as there is a chance other players will not return a card to you. Since Monopoly GO has no system to prevent unfair trades, be cautious when entering these with others you don’t know.

Fortunately, if all goes well, you can easily get the exact card you’re looking for and even help another community member complete their albums.

Stickers for Rewards Safes

If you’ve been playing Monopoly GO for a while and have numerous duplicate stickers in your albums, you can exchange these for reward chests.

There are three tiers you can buy:

  1. Green Safe: 100 Sticker Stars
  2. Blue Safe: Unlocks at Level 450, costs 500 Sticker Stars
  3. Purple Safe: Unlocks at Level 1,300, costs 2,500 Sticker Stars

While the first two safes will give you two, three, and four-star stickers, you’ll want to focus on the purple safe. Below are its rewards:

  • 320-525 free dice
  • Five-star sticker pack
  • Three-star gold guaranteed sticker pack
  • Guaranteed new sticker pack

Buying a purple safe guarantees you’ll receive a five-star sticker and a card you do not currently own, making it a great option if you only need one or two more stickers for your last album.

Want to take things a step further and find some gold cards? Check out how to get gold stickers in Monopoly GO, or click the tag below to explore our growing content collection.

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